Youth work training

A few people asked me for the snapshot of “young people today” that I used. I’ll put it below but it’ll be good to have some comments from the Blogosphere on which of the generalisations you agree/disagree with and whether there is anything missing?
I developed this from a list that appeared in Youthwork magazine some years back (OK, quite a lot of years back!) contrasting 70’s teens with 90’s teens. It’s developed and changed from my experience, my reading and best of all in giving it to young people for their comment and perspective.

 This Generation:  
 Spiritual  Stressed
 Live for the moment  Consumers
 Cynical  Value Relationships
 Hurting  Visual
 Media Savvy  Act on their values
 Image orientated  Crave Belonging
 Seek the Authentic  Struggle with self image

It probably doesn’t work completely as just a list as I normally unpack them as themes quite a lot. But your reflections please …

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  1. Ta Ben, I really enjoyed the Bedford day …. good bunch of people and some good discussion. I’ve put the small groups summary up under “youthblog resources” on the side bar.

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