Wisdom comes from making mistakes

church help.jpg Had a great chat with a youth worker this morning and we talked a little bit about how much we learn through our mistakes (something which I have invested heavily in). Was still thinking about this when I was catching up with various posts on the Blog-Roll, Hutchinson this morning has a fab post, entitled “The greatest lesson!” you have to read it! He also adds a great miscellaneous, “Other lessons learned” and I felt prompted to write a list of my own:
1. When you put young people in Charge of organising the tents for Soul Survivor it pays to check that they’ve packed the correct canvas for the frame.
2. You can never win a water fight
3. Park minibuses away from any other cars in the car park (it didn’t occur to me that they would leap out SAS style and cause £1000 worth of damage to a car)
4. If you’ve stopped at a service station, all cans of coke should be opened in the car park, not the bus.
5. Letting people have a go on your unicycle is a bad idea
It would be great to have some more accrued but bizarre wisdom from the strange world of youth work, over to you.