Unusual Youth Group Outing

I’m always keen to explore something different in terms of youth groups trips, this one could be really different!
The advert appeared in the Denmark Post and sounds great fun. I can, however, see a real problem though. If you took a youth group back in time they’d be going to a time that was technically before the permission slip was signed! It would be a real shame if “Health and Safety” regulations negated time travelling for youth groups eh?

2 Replies to “Unusual Youth Group Outing”

  1. Some nutter is proposing to take your young people “back in time” and you’re worried about the health and safety permission signature… oh… dear!!!! Bless you!

  2. I have realised now though that if there was an incident during the main body of the expedition then it would technically have happened before you became responsible. Therefore there are no real health and saftey implications!

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