This Church is Wicked!

Just been to the opening of THE coolest Anglican Church in the UK (I know I should save Hyperbole for when I really need it!), St Laurence in Reading. Technically it’s a re-opening because the shell of the Church has been there a long time but it now houses Church for a vibrant team of youngish volunteers and paid-team who focus on working with young people. I’ll probably end up blogging some more about this but they are doing some awesome stuff in their community through all sorts of projects and the like. Spoke to some of the young people who have become involved in the life of the Church there, “Wicked” was one observation! The one I loved though was from a seriously cool guy of about 16 or 17 who wore Gangsta bling stuff and wore it well, he said he really liked the “warm friendly environment!” …. not the phraseology I was expecting, the sentiment however came from the heart.
I said it was seriously cool .. here’s a couple of phone snaps I took. Really great fusion of the old and the new as well as being a really versatile space for worship, community and teaching.
Image (4).jpg
Image (6).jpg
Many emerging Church conversations have struggled to know how new expressions and the familiar can be bridged. It’s great to see one place where a denominational mainstream church is actually the home to a dynamic and active Christian community genuinely missionally involved in its communities. I’m too old/Anglican to use the expression, wicked, I’ll have to say, it’s ineffably-sublime!