My colleague and I were invited to do an informal session at a conference for Church Leaders last night. We wanted to do something fun but useful, a kind of Thinkertainment (I think I’ve just invented this term but let me know if I’m wrong!)
FieldOfDreamsBig.gif We titled the evening, “Film, Church. theology & Popcorn”
and used seven film clips (all great to watch) that resonated with questions about How we do Church and the future of the Church. For each clip we asked an “I wonder?” question.
For example, from a clip of Finding Nemo, when Dory and Marlin get directions and then face the trench, “As we look to the future, whose voices are we listening to AND whose are we ignoring?”
If you want the full list of Films and questions they are in the extended entry, oh and I’ll upload a pdf of the Pictures and questions to the Youthblog resources page.
Film montage.jpg
Anyway an interesting experiment, I hope we’ll get some feedback. I for one would value more strategic discussions that involve Popcorn!

Lord of the Rings, opening section of Fellowship.
“I wonder if we fully realise the power of story in the Church?”
Field of Dreams, again the opening sequence and the voices.
“I wonder how much the past holds us back as we consider the future?”The Truman Show, clip where the Director is interviewed.
“I wonder how much we expect the Church to be like Seahaven?”
Star Trek Generations, clip where Piquard is persuading Kirk to come out of the Nexus
“I wonder where people find their purpose?”
Two clips run together:Finding Nemo (Dory and Marlin directions to and through the trench. Day after tomorrow, clip where the people in the Library have to decide whether to follow the Policeman out of the building or listen to the advice to sit it out.
“I wonder, as we look to the future, whose voices we are listening to and whose we are ignoring?” “Who are the prophets?”
Matrix (inevitably), beginning sequence where we first comke across Neos search for Morpheous and his Trinity tells him she knows what he is earching for!”
“I wonder how people are framing their big questions?”
And finally Toy Story 2, the “out-takes” at the end.
“I wonder if we laugh enough in our Churches?”

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  1. Rich,
    Thanks for doing the research, much appreciated .. I’ve never invented a word before.
    Calling all youthblog agents:
    Your mission is to circulate the word!

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