Teenagers Vote

Fascinating article from the BBC back in March looking at a Poll of some two thousand teens in Britain and Mainland Europe. The Coverage asserts that: “Teenagers are among the most politically active and socially aware ever.” … That’s fascinating given the level of cycnicism around National Politics.
Interestingly they had some very definite views on the Bush administration.
85% said US President George W. Bush was a real and present threat to world peace and stability
89% said he was a threat to the environment
I wonder how that compares with U.S teens, both in their concerns and in their resultant political attitude? I’d love some thoughts from Youthblogs’ American readers.
Profound respect to Jim wallis and the Sojourners crew for their
“God’s not a Republican OR a Democrat” campaign and how they have promoted real debate and thinking Christianity … not single issue reactionism.

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  1. As someone still on Canadian time… My perception is that the journalism in the US is less willing to be critical of the administration. Perhaps this is because money controls elections so much over there. My point is… if there were a survey of young people it might just show that they’re only given certain information about Bush!

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