Spirituality and Christianity

I’m still thinking about the article in the Times that drew a distinction between Spirituality and Christian Religion. I blogged at the time that I was sad that we should have ended up in a position where Spirituality and Christianity are seen as seperate arenas. When I’m running training on “understanding young people” for Churches I have to tell them the Good news, that this generation of young people are more spiritual than the generation before. But I also have to tell them the bad news though that young people don’t, on the whole, see the Church as spiritual.
I though it would be interesting though to go with this polarisation and look at the contrasts between cultural ideas of religion and spirituality. This is something that we do in our Youthwork Essentials training (this list probably needs creditting to lots of sources but I’m unsure what they are):

 Objective  Subjective
 Explicit  Implicit
 Concrete  Abstract
 Outward  Inward
 Things  Feelings
 Institution  Experience
 Mode of Transport  Journey
 Vehicle  Fuel
 Corporate  Personal

I realise this is an extreme polarisation but it may be useful to reflect on where a youth programme oozes Christian Spirituality and where it defaults to Religion in the starkest sense.