Phase 2 Update

Phase 2 complete and I had a blast up in the orange zone! Walked up to 484 metres (according to Cris though, it doesn’t count if you didn’t start from the beach) and got a great, if a little misty, view over hills, lakes and dales! Not very high but it was pointless going higher as I wouldn’t have seen a thing …. amusingly too, my Expedition qualification is only valid up to 400m, but as I hadn’t got young people with me though I could recklessly ascend another 84 metres!
me hill
Will blog properly tomorrow, haven’t had much access to the web today. They’d not heard of Wi-fi in Ambleside (true) and then Carnforth only had access to the internet in the Library, which is closed on a Thursday!
Blog thinking ready for a training day next Saturday,
How small is too small for a youth “group” and what factors keep it small?
Need your input! I’ve been thinking about this on my stroll, will Post some stuff tomorrow!

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