National Youth Work Week

I’ve just found out that it’s National Youth Work week here in the UK, I thought you should know! When you’ve finished reading this you have to go and do something youth-workish! There’s a whole load of stuff listed by the NYA including a sponsored exercise-bike marathon, but I can’t see that going anywhere!
I was initially quite excited about the importance of there being a Youth work week but then I found this link that includes all the other days/weeks. I fear that youth work week may pale into insignificance alongside:
Biodeiversity Month (How come they get a month?)
Be nice to nettles week
National Moth Night & (my favourite)
International Bog day
I figure it’s useless competing, you have to go one step further, so please sign my petition for a “Galactic Youth Work Millenium”
In the mean time, I salute all Youthblog readers for whom every week is Youth Work Week!