JNC and Occupational Standards

Am going to blog again on the whole Youth Ministry vs Christian Youthwork thang. Thought it’d be good to pitch in where you can find the occupational standards if you want/haven’t got them. If you’re not up to reading 160 pages right now, this is the summary page (click to enlarge).

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  1. Insert the word spiritual in a few places and I think that’s great. Whether it’s Christian youth work or secular youth work I think we still have to be looking out for the spiritual welfare of young people.

  2. ahhh this old chestnut again!! Not sure if my comments go anywhere near giving an answer (but then i am pomo,s so don’t really like ‘answewrs’!) For me i i se it this way, i personally prefer to do youthwork in a faith based framework rather than state, not because i like to talk about jesus all the time but i like to have the option of bringing in spiritual aspects to my work when it is appropiate. A lot of my work, especially in school is no different to non faith based youth work. The mentoring i do deals with general life issues which could be done by someone of different faith or no faith at all, i am a yourth worker who just happens to be a christian just like there are doctors, teachers and alike who do there job in a proffessional mannor and are also christians, jews, muslims, humanists or whatever, however to be in a position to offer a truly holistic service which is able to meet the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs and development of yp i find i am best able to do this within my role as a Salvation Army Youth Worker. In working with a 19 year old guy who is facing going straight back into prison a few weeks after having his tag removed there is not much i can do for him, i can support him through the experience but he has to face whatever he faces, in a recent discussion i simply said i would pray for him. Iwas able to say this without any fear that i would be crossing barriers which many ‘secular’ based workers might feel. its just nice having the option to bring in the spiritual when its appropiate. To me my work is my ministry and vis versa i think is someways the disticntion is in perception of roles, youth ministers are seen by the church to work with the yp in church and youth workers are to work with those ‘outside’ I know this is one huge genreralisation but you can pick it up from the as palced in YW mag and alike.
    Disclaimer: just some rambling thoughts on a Monday morning after a long day yesterday!!

  3. Dave,
    Good stuff, I like your pragmatism! If we don’t earth the debate then it’s pointless, so thanks.
    Horrified by your generalization about adverts in YW mag, Horrified that is cos there’s much truth in what you’ve observed.

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