In at the Deep end

Of all the stuff I get asked about as a Youth work Adviser probably the most recurrent is Health & Safety! There’s a lot of confusion about what you can or can’t/should or shouldn’t do, some groups haven’t grappled enough with the whole subject yet, some have gone so overboard that I expect to have to approve a Risk assessment on Risk assessing any day soon! Taffy at Parish Pump made me laugh with this cartoon which he very kindly said could appear on Youthblog.
lifeguard photo.jpg
One of the reasons I found it so funny was that I had a not dissimilar experience in the summer, I was asked to Lifeguard for a youth group end-of-term Pool party and said that would be fine (I am fully qualified for this). I duly turned up in full uniform, with appropriate medi and rescue kit. As a pool lifeguard you need to inspect the pool and surround before anyone uses it and read the Normal operating procedures and Emergency Action Plan, so I asked to be shown the pool and equipment!
Image.jpg Walking round the corner I creased up with laughter as I encountered what was not much more than a paddling pool. Great fun though and easy to lifeguard …. I ended up riding round the pool on a kids mountain bike and blowing the whistle for such offence as not smiling!
I’m all for the stuff we do with young people being the best, safest and most well organised it can possibly be but it’s good to encounter the funny side occasionally. If you fancy a swot up on the subject, I highly recommend our “Better Safe than Sorry” document which combines Child Protection and Health and Safety! Download file

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  1. Richard, Good to know its not just me that finds that cartoon funny. I tried to leave a comment on your Blog recently but couldn’t get the comment to save … it’d accept my name etc but the comment vanished each time …. I’ve not worked out what I was doing wrong yet.
    From a fellow Hitchhikers fan,

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