Gio internet vs Force 9

Wahooooo, I’m back on Broadband at home! Phew, this is a huge cyber-relief after having 10 days of dial-up with speeds dipping to 14kps! Blogging in slo-mo!
We had Gio Internet for a while but I had a whole catalogue of problems like bills being put up without notice, unreliable and unavailable service, no answer on the help line, parts of the service not working, misleading advice from the call-centre in India and my personal least favourite ….. frequently being on hold for 10 minutes and then been cut off when you reached the head of the queue. Arggggggggggggggggggggghhhhh …. and all from the company that claim to be “the leading supplier” and with “reliability second to none
Gio have also added insult to injury by charging me 3 months line fee for breach of contract in leaving …. when I rang up to complain there was an answer phone message saying,
“we are experiencing problems with our phone system, please phone back at another time”
I was beginning to feel more and more as if Victor Meldrew was not a comic creation but a folk hero for our time.
Have discovered Force 9 and I now have a 1mb (wooosh) connection for £14.99 a month, set up has gone smoothly, the help-line is available at ALL times and isn’t a premium rate number. Thumbs up from Youthblog monitor_accessories_information_highway_lg_clr.gif
I hope you’ll forgive the rant but you never know it may be a useful warning to someone in the UK corner of Blogsville and it’s certainly helped me to let off steam!
The other reason this is great is, I can work from home! The car is Kaput so cycle and trains to work today, which I wouldn’t mind but it’s a 4 hour round trip by public transport (Car is half an hour each way).