Entering Phase 3

Now entering Phase 3 (Green zone) and looking forward very much to the conference starting. For those who are interested in the Youthblog tour here’s the Bridgetesque run-down:
Number of miles driven: 480 (The MG I’ve borrowed is a blast)
Number of tea shops visited: 3
Number of blank expressions when enquiring about wi-fi: 7
Humber of times I got lost: 2 (quite good I thought)
Interesting theological discussions 2.5 (so far)
mg zr.jpg
Went to the C.U at St Martins college with Hyperbolic Man on Thursday night, really cool to hear a 21 year old preaching! This morning took in a lecture on personal spirituality at my old Bible School which was great. (Thought the students looked very young …. zoiks, I am offically old!)