Dear Youthblog

It always amazes me when you see the first edition of a magazine that “somehow” contains a letters or problem page! You don’t have to be a genius to figure out they must have made up the questions!
I’m just in the middle of doing a big update on my Diocesan web pages and one of the new pages will be an FAQ (frequently asked questions) which I think/hope will be useful. I’ve stored a few up from e-mail about references, car insurance, minibuses and the like but I need more: the real, the absurd, the profound and the difficult, especially questions from a volunteers perspective. So over to you please Blog-buddies!
Logging onto your own blog and finding no-comments is a bit like biting into a jam doughnut and there being no jam! I’m relying on you.
“Dear youthblog ……”

4 Replies to “Dear Youthblog”

  1. I guess the question that that begs is
    Dear Youthblog,
    Is it permissable to use old youth group photo’s on your web pages?

  2. Ok here’s a good FAQ…. where ARE the FAQs you’ve come up with so far??
    Well I might be duplicating BUT this is what occurs to me so far…
    How do I do a risk assessment?
    How do we appoint a youth worker? (real question!)
    Where can I find resources for my small group? (real question!)
    Why do we have to fill in all these FORMS? (real question!)
    What do I have to do to organise a film night )(real question!)
    Is it ok to have just male/female leaders?
    Should leaders stay in the same room as young people to ensure they’re safe or a different room to preserve the young people’s privacy (real question)
    ok you can do the answers!

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