Christianity vs Spirituality

Still thinking quite a bit about youth ministry and the church, our mission in light of OR in spite of the Church. The Times on Thursday had an interesting article that said “Christianity will be eclipsed by Spirituality in 30 years!” What saddened me most was that Christianity and spirituality were seen as opposing perspectives, boy have we made a mess of being Church, the place that should ooze spirituality, mystery, silence, community and renewal.
Couple more quotes from the article:
“Christianity now is very verbose. You don’t get chance to be your silent self”
“I don’t want to be preached at any more!”

church fire.jpg As a Church based youth worker/leader you tend to be at the listening end of young people’s frustration with the church, often too, the Churches frustration with young people. It’s difficult not to get dragged down, even more difficult to know where the life of the Church and our ministry to young people meaningfully connects.
I seemed to have wandered down a bit of a negative cul-de-sac here and it’s not where I mean to be. I don’t believe for a moment that God has given up on THE Church but our mission has to be more than re-arranging the chairs on the decks of the Titanic. I wish I’d listened a bit more in Church History lectures now (I would like to say that our lecturer made it dead boring though) and could better grasp the way that the reformation went on to impact the Catholic church or how Methodism impacted the mainstream churches, then I could maybe see how the emerging church experiments might eventually help re-shape and inform the established Church.
There’s the old joke about asking for directions to somewhere and hearing the reply, “well, erm …. I wouldn’t start from here!”
But we have to start from here my fellow Ministers!