A Gender Agenda

I read with interest that the Boys Brigade are going to be holding a Ballot on whether or not to allow girls to join. The Girls Brigade were at the Youthwork conference but I heard no mention of them having corresponding plans (if you see what I mean). This sent me off into a whole realm of speculation as to the emergence of the Boys and Girls Brigade and the Girls (Not boys) Brigade. I also then tried to work out what would happen if a Boys Brigade splinter group formed that didn’t recognise the results of a yes ballot. “The Boys, Forward in Faith, Brigade” perhaps?
Seriously though! There seems to be a lot less single sex work happening and there is a massive emphasis on co-ed work. Good thing? Bad thing? Youthwork magazine once quoted a Market research company whose teenage focus groups are always composed of young people of identical age and of the same sex. The reason being that otherwise there is less honesty and too much posing and pretending! Interesting eh?
Less seriously though I remember one of my colleagues leading a discussion on the way forward for some young peoples work which was at the time divided into boys groups and girls groups. One lady realised that they may need to have a new approach and asked,
“Would it we be better then if we were bi-sexual?”

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  1. Wonder why boys brigade have seen the need for a ballot? Is it because of numbers issues, or because of a change in their original vision?
    Interesting that in scouting, individual groups get to choose for themselves, and some discussions get quite heated.
    on a lighter note – your last comment has made me assess how many bi-sexual groups we have!!! My staff team are now worried!

  2. Roy,
    Wow, you must have commented within about 2 minutes of me posting this one. Fantastic.
    Interesting question you pose …… I think I’ll ask them!

  3. We have NO single sex groups and haven’t had for many years. Interestingly though we have a predominance of BOYS and I had wondered if a GIRLS group would be an idea. However I think we have more boys because the girls are better at organising their social lives!

  4. I think Sarah’s right!! tehehe
    We have a mixed student group but we seperate into single sex groups for prayer at the end, coz it’s easier to talk about the things you want prayer for. We were seperate for our whole session this week as we were looking at 1 Thes 4: 3-8 all about sexual purity.

  5. As per your question Roy, I e-mailed BB and asked the why question. I got a very prompt answer but it didn’t answer the question other than to say
    “it was a motion they had received to discuss”

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