You don’t need to know anything!

A few years ago I was away with the Youth group at Soul Survivor and there were a bunch of us chilling and chatting at the tents. Someone had picked up a magazine aimed at youthworkers and was asking me about the various training courses that were being advertised.
One of the teenagers, Mark, suddenly caught the drift of the conversation and with absolute incredulity said,
“You don’t have to KNOW ANYTHING to be a youth worker!”This made me laugh, I wonder how many other people believe that?
Anyway, I’m back to college today for the second year of my JNC, learning loads of Youthwork stuff! It’s fun to be studying again. I’ve done lots of training over the years and learnt wherever opportunity was available, however I’d never had chance to do the formal JNC qualification. The National Youth Agency does not recognise any prior learning so it’s a case of starting from scratch, mostly fun but frustrating at times. I’m studying with a fantastic bunch of youth workers at Ruskin college in Oxford and the cartoon below (thanks Dave ) is very pertinent to me sitting through a three hour class!