Truman Burbank

Just seen the “Truman show” on DVD having somehow missed it back in the 90’s! I thought it was great and I loved the plot, Truman Burbank growing up in “Seahaven” and being unaware that it is, in fact, a gigantic purpose built set, filmed by 5000 cameras, where only he is himself in this “reality” TV soap of epic proportions!
It’s a fascinating piece of satire asking, how far will TV go? Not this far yet? thankfully!
(Interestingly though, another piece of satire of TV, Ben Elton’s brilliant book, “Dead Famous” exploring reality TV in a Big-brotheresque set-up, satirised and pushed the levels of media manipulation, only for the next series to live down, in many respects, to Elton’s satirisation.)
Youthbloggable bit: Early on there’s a clip where a spotlight falls out of the perfect blue sky starting Truman on a journey of discovery about the unreality of his environment. Will definitely be using this clip in discussions about recognising that there’s more to the world than what we see!

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  1. The light falling out of the sky is my second favourite bit (Sad film buff comment – did you notice it had a star name on it?).
    Can’t beLIEVE you hadn’t seen it until now! Other must sees must be Pleasantville, Eternal Sunshine f the Spotless Mind and Equilibrium. Have you seen those?

  2. Yep I’d noticed the spotlight had a star name on it ….. but have failed, so far, to see the other films you mentioned.
    Have you seen “Runaway jury” yet ….. awesome

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