The Heretical nature of Baseball Caps

Here’s an interesting one! If you are a Church-based youth worker then the chances are that one of the youth group has been told off for wearing a baseball cap in Church, yes? If you are a male youth worker, the chances are you’ve been admonished too for this shocking act! (I have to confess my own guilt and subsequent chastisement!)
Now this is tricky stuff, trying not to get too wound up about it but still being able to say, “Woooa can we just unpack that a little please?”
I figure God doesn’t need to see my hair, Mat 10:30 “Even the hairs on your head are counted” (forgive the anthropomorphising here)
We could argue a little bit about Pauls writing: 1Co 11:7a Men were created to be like God and to bring honour to God. This means that a man should not wear anything on his head” Is this to be taken as culture-specific or as non-time-bound? However, using this basis for rejecting cap wearing is negated by the fact that I’ve never had a female member of the youth group told off for not wearing a hat: 1Co 11:6 A woman should wear something on her head. It is a disgrace for a woman to shave her head or cut her hair. But if she refuses to wear something on her head, let her cut off her hair” So we’d have to argue for consistant exegesis here!
I know that some people would go down the Romans 10 route of not leading a weaker person astray but I can’t see how this applies, even if the Church warden started wearing a baseball cap it would damage only their credibility, not their faith, surely?
I’d want to be pointing out to the self appointed cap police, what about:
1Sa 16:7b “because I [God] do not judge as people judge. They look at the outward appearance, but I look at the heart.” and
“Do not judge others, and God will not judge you; do not condemn others, and God will not condemn you; forgive others, and God will forgive” Luke 6:37
But what do you think? I know Grace is the important principle and having respect for the established Church community, but where do we draw a line in the sand? How much of Churchianity that alienates young people and gives a pretty strange image of God, i.e a Diety who can’t cope with Baseball caps, do we let go by?
If you’ve got this sussed, well ……. I take my hat off to you!
Comments welcomed.
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  1. Is this a rule that’s getting looser – not many women wear hats to church anymore and guys are starting to, or is it getting stricter as us younsters are getting more rebellious?? are we soon going to be told off for jeans and trainers?
    I always wear jeans and trainers to church – the idea of ‘sunday best’ has gone out the window. as young people we are told not to judge people on their appearance, and that we are loved for who we are, but then we’re told off for dressing as we choose. as far as i’m concerned God doesn’t care what I look like – church is a building, not ‘His house’ – ‘His house’ is in me, whether i am wearing jeans, a ballgown or a swimming costume!
    I’ve had some interesting chats about christians and fashion (no, it’s not an oxymoron!) – it shouldn’t matter what we wear (as we don’t look at the outside of a person), yet we are required to dress in a way that doesn’t cause others to sin. Should it matter if i dress like a goth, skater, hippie or wear designer labels as no-one cares about what i wear, or will the church elders (or more precisly the little old ladies) be offended if i arrive with pink hair?
    can anybody tell us the rules?!? at work i was never told the rules until i found myself being told off for breaking them. it seems like this is a similar situation. methinks the church would be in uproar if all it’s teenagers started visiting psychics so they could work out what they would be allowed to wear to church!!
    Random tangent – there are some churches that you need to wear a hat in just to stay warm!! 🙂

  2. as a fellow youthworker i get very frustrated with the way some xians make sucha huge deal over the issue of hats and alike. I remember as a teenager myself being reprimanded by some christians in church for wearing a hat. Again tey used the old corinth quote to back them up. I spoke with the pastor and he was great, he used hi next sermon to point out the fact that the women who were having a go at me wern’t wearing hats themselves!! Its unfortunatly just another example of church putting barriers in the way of young people and christ and giving them yet another reason to find church irrelevant and to stop attending. I am currently working for the Salvation Army in south Wales and am pleased to say they have been very open to the ideas i have been putting forward, which includes the development of emerging church stuff which doesnt require the usual obligations imposed by the SA. They are more concerned about the mission of God than ppl wearing the uniform and stuff. I am even devloping a church in a pub!! not bad for a church that has a no drinking policy!! They are not perfect but it does say a lot about their heart for young people and the gospel. I find it annoying that we as youthworkers are sometimes sidetracked by silly little things like having to provide an exigesical study on wearing hats rather than concentratinmg on our main objectives don’t u think?
    ps. nice blog by the way this is my first comment agter finding u last week.

  3. Once went to a lecture by Rowan Williams wearing a baseball cap (that’s me wearing the baseball cap, not Rowan Williams!) He didn’t seem to mind at all. And it was in a (reasonably) high Anglo-Catholic chapel.

  4. Hey! Interesting Blog! I’ve been trying to find a Christian website that talks about christians and our current culture’s fashion. I’ve developed a little theory that evangelical Christians of today should try to be as fashionable as they can so as not to appear “outdated and out-of-touch” and weird as Christians. This does not mean dressing inappropriately or immodestly, but I do think we should dress attractively and beautifully, because God is after all the creator of beauty and we should try to be like Him in all things…we are created in His image. I have a problem with Christians (women especially) who seem to purposely dress dowdy and old-fashioned b/c they are Christians and do not want to seem “worldly”. BUT, this is a mistake. If we want the world to take us seriously initially,we need to not appear like we’re part of a cult or some strange sect that is so disconnected from our culture and sense of style that we seem ridiculous. If you are witnessing to a worlding about Christ and this person sees a Christian who seems out of date and out of touch in their appearance and attire, they may subtley think that said Christian’s veiw of God is out of date, and out of touch and therefore disregard anything that Christian says as not worth bothering with. I know that man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart, but we are to be all things to all men as Paul says. There needs to be balance on this issue. This may seem trivial, but I don’t think so….any thoughts out there?!?!

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