Atkins Diet gone mad

Someone very kindly bought me a present today (thanks Anne) of the christian miscellany.jpg “Summon’s Christian Miscellany!” Blatantly a rip of of Schott’s Miscellany but nevertheless quite good fun. However on page 67 it has the list of the
“I am” sayings of Jesus from John’s gospel but it misses out “I am the bread of life”
Is this a low-carb approach to Christianity, is this a spiritual Atkins? No idea but I think John 6:35 & :48 should be allowed back in.

Disability Discrimination: Has nothing happened?

Today is a hugely important day but you wouldn’t know it from the National Press. The first of October sees the final part of the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act come into force and The Times doesn’t even mention it! The legal side is that Businesses, shops, churches and youth groups need to be accesible and “reasonable adjustment” needs to be made in order to make your “service” available to people with a disability.
But what it really means is an improved quality of life and access for a huge sector of society …. including thousands of young people.
I was expecting some celebration, some stories of us becoming a more inclusive and welcoming society, a bit of a party! So, as a Christian and as me, I want to say Hooray for today and recognise the equal value of all human beings!
So it’s over to you my youth ministry comrades, listen to some stories, tell some stories, enable some voices to be heard.