Mondays and Mission Mindsets

Well it’s been a great Monday. Jumped on a train up to London (actually geographically it was sideways (east) but for some reason “up” is the usual prepositon for London, why is that?) then had a great cycle to the “Shaping of things to come” training day! (Cycling across London was, as ever, kind of exhilarating and scary but ultimately fun!)
Anyway, this blah day on Innovation and Mission for the 21st Century Church was great. The theological and strategic input from Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost was brilliant and I’ve come away challenged but more encouraged than I’ve been about Church for a while.
The outline of the problems of Christen-dom era Church thinking was fair and accurate I thought.
The strategic and theological look at the how and why of missional church was the truly great bit, as was seeing that is really making an impact. Si manged to find Wi-fi from somewhere and post notes during the day, he’ll give you the framework of Michaels talk (Presence by the way was the practicing the presence of Christ). Alan’s talk was more complicated but the thing that really struck me was the call for Christology to impact and shape our missiology which then impacts and shapes out ecclesiology. (Our understanding of Jesus shapes our mission and that shapes our understanding and practice of Church), rather than our ecclesiology being the thing that shapes everything.
The Times asked the question, “Is the Church of England boring?” How can Church connected to Jesus and with a mission imperative be boring? If it is ……. there’s some BIG questions to be asked!

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