It’s the wrong Shark!

I was out with one of the Lads I mentor last night and he really wanted to go to the cinema to see “Open Water!” I however, really didn’t (not into frightening movies, especially for some reason, if they involve Sharks). There’s quite a bit of stuff that I am challenging with him at the moment so decided that I’d leave the film debate for another time and we’d go anyway.
Great news though (well for me) “Open Water” has now finished and he elcted, to my surprise, to see “Sharks Tale!” (It was quite funny that I was going to be watching a film about Sharks anyway …. but one that I’d enjoy)
I’d write a description of the film but came across this one that I just can’t better:
“The Sopranos meet Nemo in this underwater mafia tale in which a small bottom feeder fish poses as a shark slayer to gain sea cred.”
Shark tale poster.jpg
I really liked the film. It wasn’t groundbreaking in the way that Nemo or Shrek was, but good fun. It was maybe written a bit too much around the star voice-over cast, especially Will Smith, at the expense of story but the piscine interpretation of the stars was one of the things that was delightful. The Sharks as an Italian mob family worked really well and the exploration (at a very low-level) of coming to terms with one of the sons (or whatever the Shark equivalent is) being a Vegetarian could make for an interesting discussion.
Overall I reckon, highly enjoyable, well made with some superb animation, but not a Classic! You should see if though!