In an ideal world!

So far I’ve resisted writing about my family (1 wife and 3 children) and have confined posts largely to ministry, faith, young people and youth work. Blogs, however, do reveal quite a lot about the writer and I reckon occasional glimpses into the bloghouse are permissable!
So let me tell you a story from this evening:
I went upstairs to say Goodnight to my seven year old daughter and couldn’t help noticing that her room was as badly untidy as mine used to be when I was a kid! Being a responsible parent I decided that I needed to explore (constructively) with her, the need to tidy up. I chose as my focus the dirty wellington boots visible in the general chaos.
“in an ideal world,” I said, “would Wellies be in the bedroom?”
to which the retort immediately came,
“in an ideal world, Daddy, there would be no wellies!”
No answer to that really and I was left to walk back down the stairs laughing heartily and knowing that the room tidying conversation had been deftly postponed.