I have a Cunning Plan

“so cunning you’d could sharpen it and call it a pencil!”
One of my regular ministry tub-thumping pontifications is how we need to get Church more involved in young people and young people more involved in Church! The cunning plan involves the latter and it’s an idea I’ve nicked from the Conservative party conference (can this get any more bizzare?)
I was encouraged and surprised to read this week that a 17 year old, Jessica Lever, would be addressing the Conservative Party Conference! (“encouraged” not because I believe in Conservatives, but because I believe in young people!). Anyhow, it wasn’t just me that was surprised, so were the conference organisers who knew nothing about it apparently. But there’s nothing like press-coverage to make something happen! So, speak she did!
It looks like her publicist, Jonathan Shalit, may (can I still be sued if I use the word “may?”) have informed the press that she was going to be speaking, when she, in fact, wasn’t. The press interest then meant that a slot was found and the wasn’t became a was!
Anyway … here’s the plan. As a nation we seem to have lots of special interest groups declaring, “Gall Bladder week” and “Talk like a Pirate Day,” (I kid you not) and so there would be nothing to stop me arranging for a Sunday in March to be “Young People talk Church day” Then the icing on the cake would be to inform the press that in every Anglican Church a young person would be preaching! Genius eh? Suddenly Churches would be looking for teenagers to deliver on the inevitable press interest. (And before you say, but that’s lying …. it’s more of a terminological inexactitude that would, actually, become true!)
So votes please for Young People talk Church day!

5 Replies to “I have a Cunning Plan”

  1. thank you Ian for the term ‘terminological inexactitude’ – but remember, you are in a position of authority and young people will look to your example… 😉
    I say go for it! Churches are packed when the youth lead services – so why don’t the churches get the hint!! and it will probably get more non-church goers in than free chocolate

  2. As someone who is currently working on talk with one of her young people I think it is a MARVELLOUS idea (though I think talk like a priate day also sounds like a grand idea, me hearties!)
    HOWEVER… oh here comes the classics catholic response!… March is in LENT so the readings won’t be great in the lectionary. How about I have a look through the lectionary (which is used by the Anglicans, Catholics and others) and see when there is something like an extract from the letter to Timothy or another great passage to focus the minds?

  3. lets go for it, ‘young people talk church sunday’
    how about joint publicity big spread FANATSTIC IDEA, lets talk!

  4. I’m told that Christ the King has been a traditional time for this. Yes it has been done before – sorry Ian! – That’s just coming up and will be 20th November next year. Gospel reading is Matthew 25.31-end.

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