A bit of Friday Fun

Convoy.jpg Anyone who has ever been on a minibus journey with a youth group knows that there’s some stuff that is inevitable, for example, the coke bottle that gets opened and the froth goes everywhere, the blokes and the lasses arguing over what type of music should be on the stereo, the one window that won’t open/close properly (depending on the Season) and then there’s the games that get invented….
One of the one’s that’s good for a few miles (and I throw it open to you my blogging Bretherin and Sisterin) is Song titles where the word “Love” can meaningfully be replaced by the word “Lunch”
My offerings
You Can’t Hurry Lunch by Dianna Ross
I want your lunch by Transvision Vamp
Lunch will tear us apart by Joy Division
Lunch Divine, All Lunch excelling by Charles Wesley
Your turn:

7 Replies to “A bit of Friday Fun”

  1. Make lunch – Room 5 (lnyx ad)
    Lunch came down at Christmas, lunch so lovely, lunch divine.
    Or there is wintertime lunch, or my wild lunch by the doors.
    Mmm. Feeling peckish now…

  2. Came across a few in the pub today:
    I believe in a thing called lunch – the darkness
    Crazy little thing called lunch
    I am a lunch machine – girls aloud (next line – feeding my fantasy….)

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