“You must be mad!”

“You must be mad” is the normal response when people here that I’m heading off on a residential event with a bunch of teenagers! They’re probably partially right but residentials are enormous fun albeit lacking in sleep.
mad bus residential small.jpg
It terms of youth work, going away as a group is absolute dynamite. Time, shared experience, great learning opportunity and making lifelong memories … either planned, or very often …. utterly spontaneous.
If you’ve taken a group away before you can probably think of so many great stories that, like mine, just wouldn’t translate. You can probably think too of young people for whom the event was a pivotal moment in their lives! If you’ve not taken your group away …. I highly recommend it.
It’s interesting that in the Bible in the book of John when he is talking about Jesus he says: “The word became human and lived among us” … the idea of living amongst us (in the Greek) is expressed with the notion of “He pitched his tent” among us. How cool is that? When Jesus wanted people to learn, understand and grow that’s what he did!
You can’t get a better mandate for a residential than that.
I’ve just been scribbling on a piece of paper and worked out that I have clocked up the equivelent of 6 months on residentials as either a young person (a while back!) or as a leader. I’m heading out the door now for a weekend away with a team and bunch of young people from the “Oxford Youth Mentoring Scheme” ….. I’ll blog when I get back but may be a little bit sleepy.

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