The School of Rock

Just watched “School of Rock” and I have to say, I loved it!
The premise of the film is this:
Hell-raising guitarist with delusions of grandeur Dewey Finn (Jack Black) has been kicked out of his band. Desperate for work, he impersonates a teacher and turns a class of 10 year olds into high-voltage rock and rollers.
Its kind of “Dead Poets Society” but with Rock Music as the inspiration and a zany, crazy humour in delivery and wry observation. It, quite Literally, Rocks”
Bloggable bit is this! Its a great piece of Youth work (yes, I know the kids are only ten so it’ll definitely turn up in the Tweenagers training evening) but we are talking, youth work!
Dewey Finn is bored by the idea of teaching, the kids are not excited about being taught. It’s only when they find something they are passionate about and use, develop their gifts and talents that some great learning starts to take place … for the group and for individuals. The Kids are dominated by a strict school and pushy parents (I liked the way the car park on parents evening is full of safe but dull Volvos) but once they are given opportunity to do, they discover lots about who they are and grow through that process.
Ready to use Training Evening:
Watch “School of Rock”
Question? In what ways is our programme, the school? In what ways is our programme, Dewey Finn? How does this challenge our programme?

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  1. i think school of rock rocks! it rocks my world & it rocks my socks – hedrick thinks it rocks too!

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