Onion moments and vinyl paint

On Camp this summer, for the sort of reasons that don’t make sense outside of camp, each night at the roadshow I would have to answer a surprise question while sitting in a leather armchair in the glare of a spotlight. Favourite question was,
“Ian can you describe your favourite onion moment?”
I love the level of profound absurdity that teenagers come up with, fantastic creativity. I’ve also noticed that if you can cope with the absurd, then the serious may follow.
Once after doing some fairly serious input with a group I don’t know and opening it up to questions, I was asked, “Do you find vinyl paint too reflective?”
“on the whole, no” I replied …. “but are you reflecting on what I’ve said?”
We then had a wonderful session which would throw up deep questions punctuated with more of the absurd.
Maybe all Youth work jobs should take a leaf out of the dating ad’s, “Must have a Good sense of humour!”