I wonder if you can do youth work without ending up at McDonalds?
Was out with one of the teens from the Mentoring scheme yesterday and, fairly inevitably, ended up in McDonalds.
I’m not sure I like McDonalds but it’s got a lot going for it as a youth work venue! Teenagers are welcome (very unusual), It’s cheap (good for the budget), no one gets annoyed if you’re noisy (everybody is) and the food has the requisite massive fat, sugar and Salt contents! Problem is the order-eat-leave process seems to be so rapid that you don”t get much of a conversation. Mind you I did win some Kudos for being able to eat a McFlurry the fastest!
One of my youthworks greatest McDonalds moments was on the way back from a residential. We discovered that the Walkie Talkies we were using to keep the convoy of minibuses and cars in touch with each other were also being used by the Drive-thru to speed up ordering/cooking. One of the teens took great delight in impersonating the dive-thru operator and placing an urgent order for 120 cheeseburgers. (Belated apologies to the drive-thru just off the Gloucester ring-road)
mcdonalds empire.jpg

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