It’s the small encouragments

I took one of the lads from the mentoring project to McDonalds (his choice) last night. He’s a great lad, but not without a few challenges. The Youth Offending Team thought it would be a good idea for him to have a mentor, yours truly.
I’ve been working with him for a few months and progress has been slow. He won’t do anything that involves excercise and various other venues are off limits because he’s banned from them, so McDonalds AGAIN!
Always fun working out what behaviour to challenge on our trips.
Decided not to worry too much about Eminem at full volume with the windows down! Even though passers by glared at me!
Decided that throwing stuff out of the car window and any gestures at pedestrians needed challenging!
Mcdonalds logo.jpg We had a reasonable chat in McDonalds finding we had something in common, we both couldn’t believe what the other was eating, “How can you eat that stuff?” was levelled at my Salad and I felt pretty much the same about his Burger and large fries! Discovered that he was in a whole heap of trouble again (I’ll spare you the details) and I was very concerned about him.
Anyway, here’s the encouragment. When I dropped him off and said, “Watch that anger Mate, I don’t want to see you in even more trouble” …. He didn’t look dismissive. Actually feel quite encouraged and wonder if this small step may lead somewhere? as well as to McDonalds again.