I don’t know ….. Young People today!

I was rather amused by an article in the Times yesterday about a 9 year old and 13 year old, a brother and sister, who by all accounts are a bit of a whizz at Ball-room dancing. They’ve been going along to Tea-Dances, near where they live, in Bournemouth, to get some practice amongst the more elderly dancers.
All well and good you may think! However the speed and agility has not impressed the other dancers and they have been banned from four venues! Dancing too enthusiastically is one of the charges levelled at this dancing-duo.
Bloggable bit: I wondered if this could be bad news for the future of tea-dancing! If they fail to engage with a new generation of dancers because young people do things a little bit differently, a bit faster and may not realise that enthusiasm has no place at the Tea-Dance, then it might lead to Tea-Dance halls closing down, losing their place in the community!
I also wondered if there was a moral to apply …….. but coudn’t think of one!?
Getting the old and the “young” to co-exist can be complicated. I spotted this half timbered historic building in Oxford this morning sporting the Nokia logo and not looking Quite as bad as you’d have thought it would! 16th Century Mobile Phone anyone?
Nokia half timbered.jpg

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  1. Nokia sign not looking odd…
    Looking fairly terrible in my opinion I’m afraid and there was me thinking that only McDonalds did that dreadful kind of thing.

  2. Youthful enthusiasm is not what tea-dances were invented for.
    The church always has a problem in that it is seen to be an “old” institution – and most of the buildings are like the one with the Nokia logo. Remember the adverts dreamt up to “modernise” the church ? The “Jesus is dying to meet you” straplines ? As embarrassing as the Nokia logo on an old building.
    A wise man said “be in the world, not of it” – but like most of the gentleman’s sayings, challenging in the extreme.

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