Dangerous Wonder

Still much taken with the art of being
“I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it” Jesus
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One of the things that really winds me up is when people say to me (or anyone else with a playful zest for life) “You’re just a big Kid!”
Is the idea that adults don’t play? Bizarre. Our society seems to have a really bizarre view of maturation, that is, becoming mature equals becoming boring! Maturing is about handling responsibility, growing in wisdom and developing empathy NOT losing a sense of wonder and play. (People often fail to make the distinction between Childish and Childlike). Maybe its the striving to “do” that squeezes out fun. Maybe the fun of being a youth worker is time spent with young people … just being.
Mike Yaconelli (one of my youth work heroes) wrote a fab book called Dangerous Wonder. In it he explore the attributes of a Childlike faith:
Dangerous Wonder
Risky Curiosity
Wild Abandon
Daring Playfulness
Wide-eyed listening
Irresponsible Passion
Happy Terror
Naive Grace
Childlike Faith

and a final thought:

“Mistaking the active life of faith for an institutionally backed and culturally bound belief system is similar to reducing the Mona Lisa to paint-by-numbers”
Dan Taylor

2 Replies to “Dangerous Wonder”

  1. Interesting !
    Not sure I entirely know the boundary between childlike and childish myself yet – and as a parent of 3 children they definitely prefer the childlike.
    Being with young people keeps you young, youth is a state of mind and (as you seem to like quoting people) Roald Dahl says children need parents who are SPARKY. And whoever got evangelised by someone who was dull and unenthusiastic ?

  2. I was talkng about this matter of “having fun” only today and was reminded of something I heard a long time ago and I honestly can’t remember who it was who said it then or who said it first but the words of wisdom were as follows:
    “We do not stop playing because we grow old rather we grow old because we stop playing”
    Here’s to play and long, youthful life!

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