Check-in Check it out

I Spent some time “virtually” yesterday at the Habbo hotel. It doesn’t actually exist in a bricks and mortar sense but only on-line. Its a whole hotel in perfect details with areas to socialise in and the ability to have your own room for conferences or just for chilling out for a while.
weeme.JPG You create a WeeMe of yourself (I managed to add some grey hair but I still look way too young!) and have a wander around chatting to people. You’ll have to see it to believe it! I went to a meeting “there” yesterday with some of my Youth Adviser colleagues (Raising the hand of Irony in Salute to you all!) and had a few chats in the hotel corridor and at the Pizza cafe with folk. I’ve set up a room and equpped it with much nicer furniture than I can ever get from a Church budget.
Anyway now for tri-bloggable nature of this post:
1. If you’re working with young people you need to check out Habbo!
2. I’m quite excited about the possibility of virtual detached work, how cool is that? I might have a chat with Habbo and see what they reckon! It would be easy to run a youth drop-in at the hotel!
youthblog room.JPG 3. The room I have set up is called Youthblog forum (see the picture) and the plan is to host some on-line discussions. If you’re up for it e-mail me and I’ll set a date/pasword via this blog. I’m also very interested in using the room for a youth-forum, it would be great if young people had more of a say into youth thinking and strategy in the diocese, if you’ve got any young people who would be interested in virtually being at an on-line discussion …. again, let me know.