Caught in posession of a hoody!

Residentials are never without incident(s) …. a youthwork truism!
One of the more bizarre incidents on this trip was a school who were also staying on the Osmington Bay site who took exception to the young people we had brought. Now I know we had some challenging young people but there wasn’t really any substance to the complaint at all. When the school were allowed opportunity to voice their concerns quite a bit of it seemed to be around what “our” young people were wearing!!!!! I’m not sure that being in posession of a hoody, or wearing one with intent (to stay warm) is a crime. Unfortunately, in the eyes of some, it seems that young people are automatically a threat if they are not expensively kitted out in smart designer gear. Found myself quite annoyed about this whole incident! It seems that discrimination is something that is wrong in the areas of race and disability but not in the areas of wealth or background.
I’m sure that the school involved consciously teaches “citizenship,” I wonder what, through this complaint, their pupils learnt about citizenship?
“Man looks at the outside, but God looks at the heart!” The Bible
Am writing this wearing a hoody ….. are you a sure you should be reading such a subversive and yobbish Blog!