Soul Survivor

Was at a great Youth led service on Sunday night where the teenagers were talking about their experience of “Soul in the City” and Soul Survivor “C.”
It was that great teenage mix of the inspiring and the comical, switching easily between what God had been teaching them to the tent blowing down and from dog poo to what it means to be part of a Global Church.
Really encouraging quote from Mike Pilavachi at the closing service which was quoted to me as “For too long people have known what Christians are against, hopefully they now know what we are for!”
Deja vu moment for me when someone was sharing Andy Hickfords challenge that, “The Church should be a Lifeboat Station not a Yacht Club” This took me straight back to Brainstormers 1992 where Andy challenged us with the same quote. I was reflecting though that I reckon there’s more Lifeboat Churches now than there were in 1992, especially in the area of Youth work! Disccus.