At a conference

Aaarrgh, never managed to blog yesterday. I’m at a conference and always imagine that I will therefore have much more time for blogging, as ever though this is not true. Having a cool time though.
I’m at St George’s House in the grounds of Windsor Castle (you know you are somewhere posh when you sign in with a fountain pen!) at a forum on young people and Aids. There are some fascinating people here and some lively discussions about sexual health approaches in the UK and the role of Churches and other faith based organisations.
The presentations and discussions are all taking place in the Vicars Hall which dates from 1418 and is a pretty funky place to meet.
The coolest thing though was that last night was a private tour of St Georges Chapel which was staggeringly impressive with parts of it dating from 1240, wood carvings of supreme intricacy and the largest collection of heraldic plates in the world. It was awesome, shed loads of history and stunning architecture.

Semi-detached youth work

Good to see ‘informal Education’ getting being included in the Education Supplement of the Guardian as the focus is normally only the formal. The article in question is about Detached youth work and is quite positive and encouragingly seems to question why local authorities have cut back on detached provision.
The main thrust of the article though is covering that Detached Youth workers are increasingly being sucked into targetted provision and/or being located for a significant amount of time in Schools. The whys, hows and wheres of their deployment is a VERY important question, which my mind re-framed as how do we stop detached work being only semi-detached.

[Graeme Tiffany] says when he first started as a detached youth worker 15 years ago, he’d knock on a school’s door, tell them who he was and they’d slam the door in his face. “Now it has gone too far the other way,” he says. “We worry that we are being diverted away from our community-based practice. I don’t think schools in their present form are ever going to meet the needs of youngsters in deprived communities.”

(related, Federation of detached youth work web site ….. Their conference is Nov 13th-15th in Wigan)

Books, life and getting older

a slender threadweb.jpgI devoured yet another mountaineering book at the weekend, but what a read: A Slender Thread by Stephen Venables, Inspiring stuff even if it does mean I’m turning into an armchair mountaineer. The next book on my to read list is Sex, Sushi & Salvation which arrived last week from the States for me to review (free book, good plan). I also need to be reading a pile of M.A stuff but more often than not I get sidelined by other books that represent my 1001 other interests, doh! My daughter went to the library twice this weekend …. that’s my girl!

“I would be the most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves”
Anna Quindlen
Hang on, I remember now why I started this post. I’ve just turned 41 so need to update my numeric biography. It’s a bit self indulgent but I find it fun to try and reflect on who I am in a series of snapshots.

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