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Happy Birthday

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ceyc anniversary.jpg

Today is a celebration of 10 years for the CEYC, the Church of England Youth Council. Tonight will see a shindig at York Minster which I'm sadly unable to get to BUT here's wishing you all a great evening!


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"Christians are not naturally born... Christians are intentionally made by an adventuresome Church."

Stanley Hauerwas
(ht to Paperback theology)

Pushing doors

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A friend of mine bought a door today, nothing interesting in that per se, however she bought it off a door to door salesman! The idea of a door to door DOOR salesman is, to my mind, quirkily funny. The random comedy background part of my brain is left playing with this arena of literal product to medium pairing; the purchase of a new Car Boot for instance, or a disappointed Entomologist confusedly wandering the stalls of the flea market.

No comedy oil struck but an interesting exploratory drill nevertheless

Children and Families act 2014

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There's a guide here which maybe useful.

Job Opportunity in Reading

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St Matthews Reading, Southcote are looking for a half-time Youth Pastor.
Details Youth pastor job advert.pdf

Apropos of nothing

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Bishops Consultation

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In November we are discussing what the Diocese needs in a new Bishop! It is VITAL that young people are part of this discussion. I'd love to get to as many groups as possible to glean opinions, wisdom and perspectives.

If you'd be up for your church/group being involved in this process then please let me know! Thank you :-)

Encountering Other

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"The "Principle of Likeness" means that like knows like, love in me knows love. And hate in me will see hate everywhere else. If there's no love in you, if you are filled with fear and hatred, you will not know God. You actually can't. There's no abiding place for an infinite God in you, because your field is too small and safe. The infinite cannot abide inside of the finite unless the finite is somehow released from its small boundaries and attracted outward into a Larger Field. I actually think that is what we mean by "salvation."

The commandments, you know, are not requirements to get God to love you. That is forever and already taken care of. Moral mandates are requirements for your own self expansion and transformation, allowing you to begin to see in a broad and non-self-referential way. They put up necessary barriers to your natural egocentricity and allow you to encounter and reverence the other precisely as other (and not me!), and frankly so you can recognize your own stingy spirit. How can you possibly be prepared to know the Ultimate Other, that some of us call God, if you cannot stretch yourself to meet the little every day needs of "others" that are often an irritant, a demand, a stretch?

Each daily encounter is your chance for training and concrete practice in mercy, forgiveness, and compassion. As this love place grows within you, you will be more and more capable of knowing and loving God too. Although to be honest, I am not sure which comes first? Do loving people meet God or do people who have met God know how to love? All I know is that there is eventually a major equivalence between you and the God you worship. If you are a merciful, forgiving person, then I know you've met the real God. If you are narrow, stingy, and fearful, then you are worshiping something that is not God, probably some form of yourself"

Richard Rohr

"Above all, always see Jesus in every person, and consequently treat each one not only as an equal and as a brother or sister, but also with great humility, respect and selfless generosity"

-- Charles de Foucauld

Ski Trip

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If any blog readers fancy a ski adventure ...... oh and can cope with me being the resident minister for the week, then could I recommend this trip out to Lauterbrunnen on the 6th Feb! Skiing below the iconic and beautiful Eiger in THE finest scenery in Switzerland (including some James Bond skiing at the Schilterhorn too) and staying in a traditional wooden chalet. What's not to love?

Details here, you are looking at EHT15

This is one of the 'runs' I did on the same trip, over at Grindlewald. Just to give you an idea of how AWESOME the setting is!*

*The sounds of exertion ... and laughter at the end of the run are also representative

Retreat day this Wednesday

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I'm looking forward to hosting a retreat day at Woolhope in Herefordshire this Wednesday (15th) and it'll be great to meet the workers who have signed up. If you have Wednesday free though, it is not too late to sign in, e-mail me.

Further details here: flyer woolhope retreat gathering with postcode.pdf

Youngest ever Nobel

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Great news that Malala (17) is a joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, alongside kailash Satyarthi (child rights campaigner). BBC story here


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