We are Family

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This report from the Methodist Church has been really useful in exploring work among families. Much wisdom therein.


Comedy Bio:

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I had to write a Bio' for a Comedy gig I am doing in January. It's a weird and difficult thing to do, this was my best stab at it at short notice:

"Ian Macdonald has been gigging since 2014 ever since he made 400 vicars laugh (at the same time!) and realized that Stand Up Comedy was the mid-life crisis he was searching for. Delivering his own brand of cheerful incredulity, he has been described as 'warm,' 'very very funny' and 'full of heart.'"

I mentioned this to a fellow comedy who knows I hate being labelled, 'Christian Comedian' so he wrote this:

"Christian Comedian offer ho-ho-holy laughs that'll leave you blessed"

I've included the former on my website, but not the latter

Youth Ministry Weekend Next Year

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Churches lost confidence in Youth work

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This report, 'Losing Heart' was launched yesterday apparently, I knew nothing about it.

"Losing Heart was launched at Lambeth Palace on Wednesday evening by Youthscape Centre for Research, a Luton-based youth charity, who surveyed 2,054 churches across the UK. The study found many churches are "struggling" to offer the bare minimum and "feel a general sense of desperation" about how to improve"

Article in Christianity Today

Risk Assesment

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I had a text from a friend asking if he could borrow my chainsaw.
I said he could in principle, as long as I got a signed permission slip from his wife.
He duly turned up with a signed note ... which made me laugh

Long live the humour of faux seriousness!


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Safeguarding Culture in Sport

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Following recent revelations from the world of Football
Well worth a read

The Conversation

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Use ADVENT1 to get the discount on the two day ticket (use before Dec 3rd)
More details and booking

Racism and Religious Discrimination

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British Youth Council Report 2016 Report

The Great Spiritual Migration

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I have now finished this extraordinary book. There is a lot in here that I had tried to convey in my dissertation BUT Mclaren achieves so much more clarity, insight and simplicity. This is such an important book!

Devastatingly insightful analysis of institutional informational Christianity , then wise and gracious ways that followers of Jesus might recover 'The Way' as practice and journey.

Laughter and Community

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I was really pleased with how the launch of Ethos Comedy went. It was an incredible evening of laughter and community. I had a LOT of fun MC-ing the evening, and hosting a fabulous line up of Comedians.

Laughter is an incredibly healing thing, and learning to laugh at ourselves a key part of growing in humility and empathy. I know I'm biased but I really believe in the importance of laughing together. Hosting a night where that happens is a glorious thing.

A few people have asked, what next for Ethos? I definitely hope to run the evening again in Newbury (maybe twice a year) but also to be able to offer the model to other places whereby I'd bring an Ethos evening to them, they gather the community together.

Ethos Comedy

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It's less than 24 hours until the launch of Ethos Comedy, a long held dream to run my own night that brings community together to laugh and play. There seems to be a great enthusiasm for the evening (phew) and there will be at least 100 there. I am feeling unusually tense .... actually I'm not sure exactly what I am feeling as it is difficult to separate out what is excitement, what is nerves, and what is anxiety. I don't think I have been this 'on the edge' for quite a while (I don't even need coffee).

I'm not a performer as such this time, I'm MC-ing the evening which is harder to plan for. My job is work with the audience to create the environment in which comedy and laughter lives. The stuff that I 'do' then needs to be in the moment and open to the spontaneous. (Not great for feeling fully prepared).

Still, this is gig 87 and a wonderful marker on my continuing learning journey around the wonderful art and science of comedy.


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