Pecha Kucha

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If you've not seen this style of Powerpoint (or similar media) before then I highly recommend it. It 's the antidote to 'Death by Powerpoint' and can produce a really engaging and focused presentation of an idea.

PechaKucha 20x20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images.

The art of concise presenting: learn more here

Such a cool advert

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Latest Youth Ministry Mailing

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mailing grab.jpg

You'll find the mailing in this dusty and obscure corner of t'internet

Youth Work Summit

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I'm just about to book tickets for the Saturday of Youthwork Summit. Myself and one other youth worker will be travelling from Oxfordshire. Is anyone else up for a Roadtrip to the summit? Let me know!

The small print

* Booking in does not necessarily guarantee correct arrival time given the nature of the M25. Travel will be by Skoda. Ian Macdonald enterprises reserves the right to call shotgun on which Radio station we listen to. Coffee stops by request. The picture is for illustration only and does not portray any part of the actual route

Technical help needed

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My computer has just developed THE most bizarre fault! I cannot type the letter 'c' or the letter 'h' in Outlook? Works fine on every other programme ..... but not Outlook. How can this be?


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Monday morning and piloting the desk ahead on being involved with an interview process at a Church this afternoon. A busy and varied week ahead with the added focus of needing to be all Robinson Crusoe .... and get everything done by Friday as this sees the start of two weeks annual leave (yay).

Focus ...........................................

A to Z Youth Work 'J'

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J: (non) Judgmental Practice


Non Judgemental practice is one of the key ethics of youth work and goes hand in hand with honesty. It engages with young people for who they are, and where they are.

I love these points of intersection between Youth Ministry and Youth Work, where professional youth work is resonant with the example of Jesus in the gospels. (Given how much of youth work has it's roots in the Church and its work for social justice, this isn't surprising)

Depression in the Lives of Teenagers

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Useful article via FYI written by Rhett Smith with some useful links too.
Naming and Navigating Depression in the lives of Teenagers

Musing with Curates

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I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of hours with the curates this week looking at engagement with young people. I based the conversation around two questions:

1. What is the offer that Christianity makes and embodies?
(ensuring that our answer wasn't comprised of cliches, abstract statements or limited to what Christians believe)
2. How do young people encounter the reality of this?

Proved to be a very stimulating chat, and highlighted how often Christianity is mediated as a propositional belief system.

YFC has a new national director

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Neil O'Boyle is the new National Director of British Youth for Christ.
Announcement here

Comedy books

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Need to focus on the next M.A essay rather than my studies in comedy. I have just noticed that the comedic bibliography is becoming quite extensive. So far I have ingested (metaphorically):

The Naked Jape by Jimmy Car
Getting the Joke by Oliver Double
Stand Up: An audience with Joseph Vine
Where do Comedians go when they die? by Milton Jones
The Bluffers guide to Stand Up Comedy by Bruce Dessau
How to do Stand Up Comedy by Sooty Jay
Become a Stand Up Comedian in 1 week by Sooty Jay
The Serious Guide to Joke Writing by Sally Holloway
Be a Great Stand Up by Logan Murray
Starting Out in Stand Up by Dave Pitt
(Oh and have just ordered a copy of 'Stand Up-Put Downs')

Any recommendations that I've missed?

Comedy Update

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Enormous fun last week being the MC for a comedy evening at the National Youth, Childrens and Families Advisers Conference. I got to set up the evening and then do a warm up slot before handing over to the surreal and brilliant Noel James.
(Am counting this as half a gig which then takes me up to 8 in total if I include the two MC slots I've done as adding up to a gig)

It was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and the masterclass in timing from watching Noel at work.

Very grateful to Helen Tomblin (the lovely comedy promoter who runs The Laughing Sole*) for giving me the opportunity.

* I'm going to be up at Stirchley on April 7th ..... in the audience I should add


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