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I'm definitely better at speaking than writing! (I'm not saying I'm great at speaking, merely that I'm not great at writing). I've just finished a period with lots of writing; things like papers, outlines and a HUGE essay, and have now emerged into a phase of lots of speaking. Weird how that works? I've got a Clergy Chapter to speak at, a conference, a presentation at Bishops Council, and a Ski trip, all in the next three weeks.

Not sure where I'm going with this? (But hey, it was a chance to practice my writing)

Job Opportunity

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Easthampstead church in Bracknell are looking for a full time 'Youth and Children's Leader'

You'll find the details here: advert final easthampstead.docx


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I was chatting to a Children's worker this week who has a wonderful approach to questions that children ask. She asks them what type of question it is, is it .....

a knowing the answer question?


a wondering about question?

I really liked this, much wisdom therein me thinks.

Existential fridge philosophy

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Ever since it appeared on the wall of the physics lab at my 6th Form College I've loved this quote:

"Life is strange!" said Jeremy
"Compare to what?"said the Spider

When I'm making coffee I tend to put something up on the fridge relating to the Bible, philosophy, spirituality et al. My daughter tends to re-arrange the letters a little.
I thought I'd put up the Jeremy quote this week, I noticed it has morphed into:


Not as profound but made me laugh

Depth, height and practical theology

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Off to Douai Abbey today to co-lead the DEPTH retreat. Really looking forward to exploring 'Soul Stuff' with a great bunch of children's. family and youth workers, and for the Soul space I'll enjoy too.

Life has been very full recently but the additional straw (and a big one at that) of the essay is nearly gone. Just some tidying up and then I can submit. I've also started making notes for the next one which is, 'All theology is necessarily practical - Discuss'

After the retreat I'm back into a fairly intense period of work for a couple of weeks, but then - jumping on a bus to the Alps where I am speaking on a Ski trip. I'm incredibly excited about the ministry opportunity, being in the mountains, and the skiing.
Have a look at Kleine Scheidigg station via the webcam On the 8th or later and see if you spot me! (Still space on the EHT15 trip if you fancy coming along)



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Talking about Teenagers

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I'm in Headington Quarry* tonight talking about Teenagers. Really looking forward to speaking at what sounds like a fun series on inclusive relationships.

Glad of the train journey back from London to get my words into some sort of a framework


It's a place in Oxford, I am not in fact standing in the hole left by open cast mining of any sort

Yo! S'up?

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I'm using a web site to check Parish Information. It's a bit like a hotel website (but without a star rating ..... hey that's a whole other idea) in that it has symbols to represent what components are present. I'm liking that the presence of a youth group is designated by

Awesome, mad, wonderful ....

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Deadly sins of Youth Ministry

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I posted this musing about the seven deadly sins of youth ministry some years ago but I thought I would revisit it and re-post. So here's the updated muse:

  1. Making yourself the focus of the youth ministry

  2. Isolating the youth ministry from the life of the Church

  3. Instilling Information not facilitating encounter, exploration and action

  4. Modelling an eternal adolescence

  5. Avoiding accountability

  6. Not maintaining your own inner life

  7. Thinking you have nothing more to learn

Links well with the 15 ailments that the Pope identifies as a challenge to Vatican Staff (but the list translates well to all ministers)


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scrubs 400.jpg

We have a Netflix subscription at home now which has given me access to SCRUBS. I just love this programme, genius! Watched an episode last night that managed to make me laugh and cry at more or less the same time .... that's some good writing and visual story telling.

Talking of brilliant writing: I loved the closing two-parter of "Cabin Pressure" at Christmas. The 'Zurich' episode was a brilliantly crafted and very satisfying conclusion.
I shall miss all the characters enormously although the quotes and voices live large in my mind. Farewell Gerti, Martin, Douglas, Arthur, Carolyn and of course her Serene Highness Princess Theresa Gustava Bonaventura of Lichtenstein!

Lent Material

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I REALLY like the Free (yay) Lent Material that Winchester Diocese have put together. It's written around exploring the Benedictine rule of Life together. It's all age, participative, creative ...... and is framed around living a life of contemplation and action.

Have a look
Thank you Winchester


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