That was close

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The path of a tornado that came perilously close to destroying a home


A to Z Youthwork 'S'

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R: Sex


A key topic in Youthwork since, well ... Forever

Highlighting conversations around sex in youthwork is perhaps unhelpful, given that youthwork is about journeying with young people as they explore ALL aspects of their journey from dependence to interdependence and adulthood. It is however a key conversation, and all the more now given that there are bigger conversations flowing from gender, identity, sexting, internet porn etc. It is really important that youth work provides a safe space to talk about all and everything, that being the case then sex and sexuality will be part of many conversations (taking place in the Framework of youthwork, 'N' ..a Non-discriminatory and Non-judgmental environment).

It's good to talk

Ethos Comedy

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A Month to go before Ethos Comedy, all modes of Marketing being exploited.
Live comedy in Newbury

ethos van3.jpg

Tickets and Info


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The story of a home opened to a bunch of teenagers
The Power of a Dinner Table

Bill Milliken, a veteran youth activist, is often asked which programs turn around kids' lives. "I still haven't seen one program change one kid's life," he says. "What changes people is relationships"

Ambient background noise

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I rather like this website that is a series of ambient noises like wind, rain and birds that each have their own level adjuster. You can set the background sounds to just how you'd like them.

Currently enjoying a balanced combo of wind, waves and birds. Nice

(PS Our minds work well with low level background noise, there are studies that show ambient noise aids concentration)

The Advent Sleepout Challenge

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"Last year The Advent Sleepout Challenge proved very popular with young people and we hope even more people will get involved this year! It is both a fun festive activity and a great way to engage youth with wider issues of social justice and God's heart for people on the margins of society. Participants from last year used The Advent Sleepout as a space to reflect on poverty, marginalisation, and injustice, and to pray for those who are forced to sleep out every single night"

CUF Sleep Out Challenge and resources

Andrew Root on Science and Faith

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Interesting piece from Andrew Root on three different approaches to exploring Science and Faith he finds in Youth Ministers, then what emerges from conversations with young people.

"We realized as we talked with young people that there is no way to tear down the houses built from the immanent frame [their scientific understanding], and we should resist the desire to do so. The framework is too ingrained. Yet within this immanent framework is a deep longing for more, for transcendence. Just as young people intuited the closed nature of the immanent framework, they also intuited that science and technology, while seeming to answer all questions, ultimately are incapable of doing so. They were, in fact, begging for skylights within their houses to the transcendent"

Article is here

Leadership and Laity

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The laity in the Church of England must be treated as equal with the clergy if the Church is to grow, a new report on lay leadership will conclude.


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I had an amazing dream last night full of improbable coincidences and humorous happenings, lots of weirdness in a brilliant way. I then (and still in my dream) realized that this was a fantastic comedic story and my unconscious mind was scribbling down the routine it would become (even my unconscious knows that if I don't write stuff down I will forget it).

As I was making coffee this morning I sort of remembered that I needed to recall the brilliant comedy I had 'written' which told the story of a series of events I had experienced. I went through a period of disappointment that I had forgotten the routine, it was sometime later that I actually cottoned on to the fact that there was no routine because there had been no actual events.

The obvious suggestion is to work from the dream scenario anyway, but of course ... I can remember none of it.



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Richard Rohr on how easily as men we can misuse power, and why Jesus command was to 'follow him' ...

"We recognize in initiation universal patterns of wisdom that need to be taught to the young male in his early "tower building" stages. This was the rather universal conclusion: Unless the male is led into journeys of powerlessness, he will invariably misuse power. He becomes a loose cannon in the social fabric, even dangerous to the family, always seeking his own dominative power and advancement to the neglect of others. The human inclination to narcissism has to be exposed, humbled, and used for good purposes.

Jesus clearly taught the twelve disciples about surrender, the necessity of suffering, humility, servant leadership, and nonviolence. They resisted him every time, and so he finally had to make the journey himself and tell them, "Follow me!" But Christians have preferred to hear something Jesus never said: "Worship me." Worship of Jesus is rather harmless and risk-free; following Jesus changes everything"


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