Mary, er babby an a bostin tale

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Loving this nativity from near my part of the world, fab. I love the fact too that this was written in 1968 by a Sunday School teacher to put the Christmas story into the local dialect.

"Oom you?" er asked, "yo day arf gie me a tern."

"Doh be scared," answered the bloke. "I wo urt ya. Me name's Gabriel, an arm an angel."

"Yo ay, am yer?" said Mary.

"I am," ee replied. "An I've cum to tell ya summat.

"What?" said Mary, cause er was thinking what a carry on this was.

Yo'm gooin ter av a babby."

ht to Sarah, full story here

The baby Cheesus

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Not sure where this originated from but it made me smile:


How to develop the ideal youth worker

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Useful piece from Tim Gough, have a read

DEPTH retreat

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I need to confirm numbers with Douai Abbey this week, so if you are coming on the retreat then please let me know. Thanks

Father time

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For nearly two years all three of my children have been teenagers, this was a rather exciting phase for me as a Youth Worker .... akin to a Vulcanologist finding magma emerging through a vent hole in the back garden (though less dangerous).

But today Haddon hits 20 and leaves teendom behind.


His faith, humour and courage have brought him a long way. From surviving against the odds through his first night, on through epilepsy (thankfully no longer an issue) and living with the considerable challenges that Cerebral Palsy brings day by day, into his twenties; a driving licence and a place at residential college. He has taught me much.


Captains Log Supplemental: Coolest coincidence .... Haddon was on an outing with his college to Worcester where I happened to be today for a couple of meetings. We actually bumped into each other which was fantastic!!

Managing volunteers

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The Church Urban Fund host some excellent resources for Churches looking at employment (I often point people to their 'Just Employment' pages). They have also though produced some excellent help for Managing Volunteers.

I commend the idea to the house

Making me Chuckle

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December is a great month for me as 'stuff' quietens down considerably. Parishes are extremely busy with Advent/Christmas and all that that brings so the phone calls and e-mail flow is really reduced. Still plenty on the 'To do' list but a more balanced time.

There is some diary capacity available therefore if you would like to meet, chat, reflect and coffee. Let me know :-)

101 Ideas

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Tony Cook of Bath and Wells has put together a lost of 101 ideas for sessions at Youth Groups. It's great list

101 ideas for you to use

Make it so

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Tree Topper

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Someone on IMGUR posted their Christmas Tree Topper. Level: Genius


One does not simply walk into Adulthood

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Loving this article from Youthwork magazine about an approach to rites of passage, discipleship and contemplative practice. I highly recommend a read of this piece by Mark Yaconelli.

Well worth reading and reflecting on as a team
It raises some great questions


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