Young People in State Education

The Department for Education published data showing what proportion of students in every state-funded mainstream school, college or local authority in England progressed into further or higher education or employment or training. Key findings include:
• In 1,394 schools, no student went to Oxbridge
• In the year after taking an A-level or equivalent, 62% of young people were in some form of sustained education with 48% at a higher education institution
• London local authorities dominate the table of councils sending the highest proportion to university, with Redbridge (66%) and Ealing and Enfield (both 64%) topping the list
• Fewer than a third of students in schools or colleges in Portsmouth, Southampton and Bristol go to university
• Reading (6%) and Bournemouth, Buckinghamshire and Sutton (all 3%) provided the highest proportion of Oxbridge students

2 Replies to “Young People in State Education”

  1. I haven’t read the report, are these their key findings or your highlights?
    I wonder why Oxbridge is such an important indicator? Should it be important that more pupils from low-income backgrounds get to join the Oxbridge ‘club’, or that the influence Oxbridge ‘club’ is reduced in future careers?

  2. KT,
    These are just the highlights as I received them, I thought it worth posting as a snap shot.
    I’m not so interested in the Oxbridge but I was fascinated that Reading produced such a high proportion, it may just be related to size but I thought it interesting as it is not leafy london suburb.

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