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What a day the Youth Work Summit was!


Twelve hundred Youth ministers gathered together for a day of inspiration, information, fun, coffee and chat. A very slick day (in the best sense) with a wonderful array of people stretching our understanding, faith and imagination.
The 'speakers' each had around 10 minutes of TED style opportunity, and there were around 5 in each band before a break and chance to discuss. The format worked well and it meant that contributors had to really focus on what it was that needed to be shared, and how best to do that. Some awesome AV from some of the guests, and young people co-presenting too (as well as a whole stream just from young people).


I was definitely inspired and challenged by so much that was shared. Some of the 'talks' were heartbreaking and inspiring in equal measure. I was especially struck by Camilla Batmanghelidjh of Kids Company talking about the long term effects of neglect, but the healing power of love, and by Captain Dave reflecting on the need for love and the need for Father figures in his community work in Toxteth.

All the info on YWS 14 is already up on the t'internet for May 17th in Manchester.

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