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  1. What a powerful message, Kiera is spot on. The Gospel has to be presented in a way that is relevant to the current generation and it has to be practical, but more importantly we have to be honest and stay true to the gospel. We cannot be caught up in trying to bring people to the altar through false promises, but rather show God for who He truly is, which is so much more brilliant and attractive than anything we can come up with.

  2. Some interesting thoughts presented here – as a 30 something who has moved away from church (un or de, not sure which!) but who still believes passionately, I’m not sure it’s about consumerism, and about the ‘relevance’ of the gospel. The gospel is always relevant, but the message the church wraps it up in isn’t always. I guess as I’ve grown older I’ve become more inclusive (perhaps even universalist?) in my theology. I’m not sure if God cares who we’re married to, as long as we’re committed to commitment, or what gender our bishops are, as long as they love Jesus and serve those around them.
    I think I have given up on (in my experience, which is all I can comment on) institutions who are self-absorbed and think they have all the right answers. I’m not sure if that’s who we’re called to be.
    Anyhow, thanks for the thought provoking video, Ian.

  3. Martin,
    Thanks for adding to the conversation and for sharing your experience.
    The danger/problem of ‘institution’is a huge barrier to people I’ve spoken to …. and is a real generational gap given that for many of the older generations the institution is important, whilst for 20,s 30’s (even 40’s) any institution is instinctively unhealthy/dangerous.
    Will continue to muse

  4. Thought i’d chip in, albeit a bit late.
    Thanks JRLC.
    Martin, I agree about the wrapping. I think sometimes we’ve not told the story as it is/was, nuanced some parts and over emphasised others.
    Hoping to always be pondering the answer…

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