Practical theology

My boss is encouraging me to do an MA in either ‘Practical Theology’ or ‘Pastoral Theology!
I’m quite excited about this but would love some advice as I don’t want to being doing a dusty static as-was theology-in-a-tin type thing, I want something that really stimulates theological thinking and is equipping, engaging and relevant.
I’d value any wisdom from out there in the lands of learning as to what would work for me?
I’m also looking for a welding course BUT I am of course open to any course that instead encompasses both the Biblical and the metalwork dimensions. This idea made me laugh so I Googled it, wasn’t expecting to find a link but here one is (sort of):

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  1. greetings Ian – sounds like a great boss – given your criteria its probably more important to focus on where rather than what. Some centres of theological learning are ‘static theology in a tin’ type places irrespective of title of degree.
    Personnaly I would say two things 1) If the title of the degree is practical theology then stay away if its not practical and needs a the title its not theology anyway 2) Go to open days sit in on lectures before committing LST, Kings, St Mellitus are all approachable – test it before committing

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