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(Very grateful to Ali Campbell who is way ahead of me in the trawling for resources stakes this year, and who is the compiler of the list)


Simply Youth Ministry - 12 Days of Freebies!

Life Changer - A Graphic Guide to the life of Jesus. Written and illustrated by Sussex based teacher Jason Ramasami, this is a great gift you a young person (say 13 upwards) who doesn't like reading, but thinks cartoons and graphic novels are pretty cool.

BONUS! "The Jesus Comic Nativity," is FREE to download as an APP - check it out on iTunes: Search for "saamvisualapps" and you will see all of Jason's visual stuff, most of it is FREE to download.

Get in the Picture! A great opportunity for churches to share the story of the most generous gift given by God to all people. This innovative idea could create a stir in your community and help you connect with those on the fringe our outside church . . . check out the website and see what you need to do to sign up and join in:

Messy Nativity. A book in the "Messy Church" series, that gives you a whole load of ideas for running a messy nativity advent project . . . Check out the book here

Pilgrim Paths. If prayer and reflection is your thing, and you love labyrinths, journalling, or you know young people who do - these guys are great and have some great gift ideas.

Nativity 2 - Danger in the manger! There are free community resources that tie in with the film "Nativity 2" from Damaris.

With Love from Uganda. This is a free Christmas resource from Christian Charity Tearfund:

The Christmas Scale. If you are doing anything over Christmas with a piano or keyboard, you just have to play this! You might spot the ending before you get to it, but it is pretty cool! "Igniter Media" have other great resources too, check out their "Social Network Christmas"; "Christmas in 50 Words" etc. Here is the link to The Christmas Scale.

Heartfelt Christmas. These resources and ideas come from GenOn Ministries, check them out here.

Christmas in a Nutshell. There are loads of videos and sermon ideas on "sermon spice"
Here is an example.

Catholic Culture. Via the Catholic Culture website, there are a load of Christmas and Advent ideas here

EA - List of Christmas Resources. The Evangelical Alliance has produced a substantial list of resources for Christmas. Check it out here:

Bible Society. Christmas Resources

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