So Long and thanks for all the tuck

The Diocesan Youth Advisers of the South East region are charged with putting together the national conference for 2013, the annual gathering of all Youth Advisers.
After much prayer, discussion, musing and some energetic debate we felt it was right to use the conference to ‘step back’ and look with fresh eyes at the changing landscape of culture, missiology and practice in terms of Church engagement with young people. We want to be honest about the level of disengagement by churches from young people and ask why, then look at what needs to be challenged, changed, (dropped) or championed.
We’ve called the conference:
The Death of Youth Ministry?
So long and thanks for all the tuck
We’ve had some knocks about the negative title but we want to provoke thought with a view to looking in a fresh a way as possible at what the God given opportunities are and how we respond to them ….. as well as asking ourselves painful questions about where we are supporting models of engagement that have little or no effect.
I’m expecting some lively conversation when we gather together for this event in May!

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