The Theoretical become Possible

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For those blog readers that know Haddon you'll be pleased to know that he passed his theory driving test today and is feeling rather chuffed (as am I).


It's been a tough challenge for him as no allowance has been made for his Cerebral Palsy hence the additional challenge of not only knowing the theory and understanding hazard awareness, but being able to click the mouse each time at exactly the right moment (not easy when the part of your brain that handles fine-motor moment is so damaged).

Long time reader(s) will know the battle I had to get him a drive in a Go-Kart! This feels like a great vindication of that confidence in him. He's back on the road now to complete his driving lessons and work towards the practical test.

Hoping that 2013 will see him as a Solo Micra Pilot!

1 Comment

Awesome news! Pass on my congratulations.

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