Not firing on all cylinders

No, it’s not the van that’s not firing on all cylinders …. it’s me! Still feeling pretty rubbish, as I have since Easter in fact. Am on 2 weeks (2 WEEKS!!) of antibiotics and hoping these will do the trick and restore my usual gumption. Definitely feeling tired of being tired (as it were).
No need to leave sympathy or Lucozade, just thought I’d whinge!
Plenty to laugh about though, not least being in the midst of “The Wettest drought on Record!” Oh and further amusement generated by typing askew into Google*
*I was working with some Youth Work students on Values that underpin our practice and ‘fun’ produced quite a lively discussion. I wonder if ‘Google’ can be one of the few companies that have an observable outworking of ‘fun’ being a key value.

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