The Genesis of Church seating



In the beginning man created the churches and the chapels. Now the Church was pewless and vast. Worshipers stood around the nave, and the legs of the faithful were much tested. (But the sermons had to be short and people saw that standing was good)
And then christian communities said, "Let there be pews," and there was sitting. Vicars saw that the sermons could be longer and declared the advent of pews a fine day.
And then later, seats were introduced for to allow the provision of flexible seating and to separate the services from other possible community usages. The traditionalists were separated from their pews .... and there was mourning.

So man created individual seats,
in the like of Ikea he created them;
wood and plastic he created them.

And the church saw them stacked neatly, and it was very good. There was flexibility and creativity for services .... and it was a new day


My intention was just to flag up a competition to design a new generation of church chairs but having started playing with Genesis, I couldn't stop. But there genuinely is a chance to design the next chapter in the world of ecclesiastical furniture:
Don't take a pew, have a look!



Reading this at a high-powered lliturgical conference! And Trevor Lloyd, author of article on pews in SCM Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship, says he hopes you've read his article!!


That's fantastic, will look for the article :-)

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