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On being quoted

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church times.jpg
I've been quoted in an article on youth work in the Church Times and I'm finding it quite amusing to see the stuff I say written down, weird!

A lovely lady phoned me a week or so ago and I delivered about half an hour of stream-of-consciousness musing on Youth work and especially employed Christian youth work in the UK. Some of this has been taken down in evidence and used! Amongst other things I was asked about adolescence and in my response I used a idea I'd picked up from somewhere to describe the intensity of this stage and age .... as "the human condition on steroids" This appears as a quote attributed to me which was not my intention so I'd like to apologise to the originator.

I'm pleased with the article though and I like the fact that I got to participate in a piece that involved Dr Sarah Brush (former blogger), Dr Nick Shepherd and Chris Curtis.

Enterprising but inconsistent


There isn't a Haynes Manual for my van! The ubiquitous and very cool T4 in all its guises is uncatered for by the bible of DIY home mechanics, the Haynes Manual. This is hard to believe so I looked out a dealer in VW vannage literature who said that Haynes position was that the T4 was too complex for the home mechanic.

enterprise manual.jpgI was prepared to accept this, that is until today when I discover the existence of this, the Haynes Manual of the Starship Enterprise. So I'm just blogging a plea for some consistency here, believing as I do that warp drive and teleport are a little more complex than any systems you will find in a 1991 Vdub van. This is born out by this article on how the warp engines 'actually work'

Looking on the bright side though it does mean that although I will not have the Haynes know-how to repair the crude lump of a 1900 diesel, I can replace it with a warp drive.
(We once, and only once, hit 74mph on an unrestricted section of the German Autobahn, so multiples of light speed could be very exciting indeed ... and may require an upgrade to the brakes)

Happy days.

Captains log supplemental: Just noticed it's subtitled "the owners workshop manual!" Given that even a poorly maintained 2nd hand Enterprise is going to be £1.7billion (minimum), an owner can probably afford a mechanic me thinks!

Unviversal constants in the Residential Paradigm

I'm off on a Youthwork residential tomorrow night and it would be a safe bet to say, it will be Spag Bol' to eat on the first night! This is some sort of unwritten law of residentials and exists as a universal constant to rank alongside Planck, the speed of light and toast landing butter side down.

spag bol.jpg

Given that most Youth work is rather more Hesienberg than Planck, this discovery of a universal constant within the Residential paradigm could be really important. So, are there others? That is, are there things that happen or exist on a residential that are theoretically subject to choice and possibility but in practice always stay the same?

I may just have had too much coffee (ooh there's another pre-requisite of the residential) but the idea is amusing me! Have a think, make a comment and help the blog morph into a critical portal for parascience! Over to you .....

A million miles in a thousand years


million miles in a 1000.jpgI've finished Donald Miller's "A million miles in a thousand years" and I'm really glad that I read it.

The subtitle or tag line is "What I learned while editing my life" and it serves as a pretty good guide to the book. Miller is the author of the hugely successful "Blue Like Jazz", a semi-autobiographical series of stories about the authors own life, encounters and faith journey. 'Million Miles' is what happens when he is approached for the story of 'Blue Like Jazz' to become a film.

What Miller discovers is that you can't make a film of Blue Like Jazz or even Millers own life as the movie would: a) not work, and b) be too boring. (they must instead make a story that enables the telling of the Blue Like Jazz story). This sends him into a wrestling with what story is and isn't, and then as a result further into the question of 'what is the story we choose to live?' The book is funny, moving and even uncomfortable at times as the author (and hence the reader) meet the challenge of the choices we make or fail to make.

I thought Millers critique of societal expectations of posessions or relationships offering completeness was particularly well explored, challenged and contextualised.

Like I said, I'm really glad I read the book. It's full of great stories and in the telling challenges us as to the stories we choose to tell (live). Miller also encourages us to be a little more Danish! (You'll have to read the book to find out why)

ht to Stu von henneheizungmeister who brought me the book back from the states

Depth Retreat

Major muppetry on my part: The Depth retreat is March 29th - 30th (with option to stay 'til the 31st) not early February as I'd previously communicated.

right date.jpg

Media morph

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mirro lego.jpg

I've defected from the Guardian to the Daily Mirror this week. Free lego every day, yay!
What's not to love? Happy days!

A chance to Summit up

I've just filled in the feedback form for the 'Youthwork Summit' and am still reflecting on a great day with nearly 600 of my Youthwork sisterin and bretherin. The rationale for the day was this:

'a new kind of youth work event... breaking down old ways of doing things, and finding new ones; listening to a wider range of voices than ever before, from parts of the church - and the world outside it - that normally we wouldn't stop to engage with.'

Was it achieved? Yes I think it was (.... and it very much laid a foundation that can be built on to push the boundaries further and the conversation on.)
The format was for everyone to gather together alternating between two different rooms, either the basement for coffee and conversation, or upstairs in the main auditorium where we'd hear a number of ten minute presentations before we'd break and discuss once again.
The inputs were thusly kept fairly fast paced and diverse ... and therefore provoking agreement, disagreement, new-thinking, inspiration, challenge or uncertainty to promote reflective thinking and conversation. All of this framed by the worship led by the Rend Collective Experiment.


I tried to keep notes but failed miserably, thankfully Ricky did a sterling job of this (you'll find them here) and I'm using his record to re-visit the input. Highlights for me were the Young people from Tower Hamlets, Christopher Pilkington (TV Exec) with some astoundingly useful input of how to frame and tell a story that grips and communicates, and Yanah Nightingale (an undergrad at Cambridge) with a great piece of theological reflection on leadership.

The input was quite massively varied in content and style and some of the speakers could have helped us enormously by defining at the start what, in one sentence, was their pitch to the summit. (I sometimes didn't understand the 'why' in terms of what was offered)

My congratulations to Martin and the team though for what was a REALLY important day, establishing as it did a gathering where denominationalism should be left at the door and where the input was not designed to be tailored to the views of everyone present. Faith and practice development through reflection and conversation.


Finally caved in and signed up with Twitter, just have to work out how it works now!!!


Being at the Youthwork Summit exerted some powerful pro Twitter peer pressure. Tweets are being projected onto the side of the screen and I was amazed how many Twitter users were among the gathered Youth work community. I have contributed one tweet but find myself curiously paralysed as to what constitutes a worthwhile tweet ... surprising given that the world of blogging should offer some transferable skill or confidence. Even more bizarrely (and wonderfully*) a few people have signed up to @youthblogoxford, eek


*thank you

Our Business

I often dig into Marketing material because they have the most money for youth research and cultural analysis. This presentation on Marketing by Graham Brown is both fascinating and useful. One of the statements he makes is:

"Red Bull will become the Gold Standard of Youth Marketing because it understands its business is "energy" not "energy drinks"

It made me wonder:
Does our organisation know its business is "life" and not religious education?

The presentation also flagged up these two key questions:

can you help me belong.jpg

Youthwork Summit

I'm really looking forward to The Youthwork Summit on Saturday and hope to bump into you if you are going to be there. On Facebook yesterday was a photo of the 500 delegate packs when LCET and friends had finished packing them. For the record this is the one I want:

summit bags lcet.jpg

See you on Saturday my fine friends and fellow youth workers



Lexi the dog is fitting into the family well and the fostering arrangement is moving towards adoption.

Lexi pic.jpgWe've been kept very busy training her, especially as she had not really been on a lead much before, but she is responding well. I took her out last night and she was walking to heel most of the time (When she doesn't, the wisdom seems to be for you to immediately change direction so the dog is clear that you are in charge of the walk. For the first couple of weeks this meant that the folk on our estate must of thought, "here comes that strange guy again who likes to take his dog for walks in a series of circles!")

Another piece of dog training Jedi like wisdom regarding Collies is they need a job to do (given they are very smart and have a lot of energy). We have nothing that requires herding or shepherding so I'm open to suggestions regarding a useful career or task for her.

I'm up first in the morning so I need to remember to let her out. As I stumbled sleepily towards the patio door I suddenly realised that her name, Lexi, means word. My brain then leaped to constructing a mantra to ensure I remember to let her out each morning, "In the morning is the word and the word is dog!" Pretty bad I know but this is the kind of stuff my mind does when I let it run free, corny LexiDOGraphical punning.

Ski trip

eiger snap.jpgI'm speaking on a Ski Trip In January which I'm very excited about.

The destination is Lautebrunnen and skiing in the gobsmackingly beautiful region dominated by the North Face of the Eiger. (The pic is one I snapped with my phone from one of the runs last time I was there) The reason I mention it is there are a few places left and it would be so cool to recruit friends who can nod enthusiastically during the talks, and reassure people at Breakfast that I am a 'proper speaker' really.

Seriously, if you fancy a great trip: Check out LMJ11 on the Gold Hill site.


Maya Angelou, an American poet, said

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Loving It! Whydo

Whydo is a website set up by 22 year old Sabian Muhammed to allow Adults to ask questions; these are then answered by Young people. It's a fab idea that the O2 'Think Big Programme' funded and made possible.

street age.jpg

It's a great site that also has some tools to help Adults understand the world of young people. My favourite of which is the, "What's your Street Age? Quiz" which is an innovative and interactive fun piece of media. (There is also the added bonus that I scored "Swagger, Street age 25" and hence retaining a semblance of understanding)

Think big


A couple of building projects that I've come across recently which could easily be summarised as 'think big'

Johan Huibers had a touch of the 'Evan Almighties' and actually built an Ark, impressive enough but the amazing thing is he built it big, to half the given Biblical proportions. Have a look at the pictures, very cool result of five years work!

dutch ark.jpg

The other story lacks the grand sense of purpose but is hilariously funny (and potentially lethally dangerous) but answers the question: Would Skateboards be more fun if they were bigger? I love the attention to detail in that they have 100% kept design and proportion intact.



I'm stuck on a couple of things!

help needed.jpg

I'm looking for some help with designing a conference flyer for next year. I can't afford a pukka design house but am very happy to pay a budding Sixth former (or however) who is a design wizzard. Any contacts?

Woolhope is about to have its first ever web site (Yay), I'm looking for good quality photos of groups using the place! Anyone, anyone?

The Thames Path and Voluntary Youth Services

Beth Parker of the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services is walking the Thames path from leafy Gloucestershire right through to the East end of London. She is setting out this Thursday and aims to meet meet with/walk with youth projects, MPs, provision managers etc along the way promoting the variety of youth work done and challenging the impending cuts.

A fuller picture of what you can do and how you can help is in the extended entry and this is the itinerary: Route_simple thames pathway.xlsx

With apologies


Making me laugh :-) I've long been a big advocate of the Christian community investing less energy in answers and therefore giving more space for the questions, BUT I'm not sure we're quite ready for a conference entitled WTF?

worhip teaching friends.jpg

ht to Bad Vestments

Lars and the real girl

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I watched an extraordinary film at the weekend, Lars and the real Girl.

lars and the real.jpg

Lars is a gentle and quirky loner living in a Garage-house next to his brother and sister-in-law in a small non-descript town. He works, he comes home .... and apart from Church he pretty much avoids contact with people. He is however well liked by the community, a community that knows something of the pain and isolation of his childhood.

Lars, to everyone's surprise though finds a girlfriend; but she is in fact a life sized doll that Lars delusionally believes to be real. Bianca (as Lars introduces her) is clearly helping Lars, and so the stage is set for whether the community can welcome and accommodate Bianca.

What results is a touching, incredible story with warmth, depth and gloriously funny moments. A superbly acted, wonderfully directed redemptive story. I love this film.

In terms of post film discussion, the themes of love, community and acceptance are HUGE, and that loving those who are different is both challenging and healing.

Vision Statement


Can anyone send me the 'vision document' that was the basis for the church drafting your job description and led to employing you. Thanks

Religion vs Spirituality


Whilst preparing the seminar for the Mission Course I came across this postulated contrast between Religion and Spirituality. I thought it quite profound ... and hard hitting!

religion comment2.jpg

Mission and Young People

mission and young people.jpg

Greetings to anyone who is visiting as a result of the Mission course (and in particular to harvest the Powerpoint). You'll find it and some links below, thanks for making it such an interesting and engaging evening.

The Power point itself is here: Microsoft PowerPoint - mission course Oct 2010 forblog.pdf
We talked about Bishop Leslie Newbigin and particularly 'Foolishness to the Greeks' and 'The Gospel in a Pluralistic Society' and Vincent Donovan and his book, 'Christianity rediscovered.'

Amongst the other books I cited were:

Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli
Buried Spirituality by Phil Rankin
Practicing Passion by Kenda Creasy Dean

This may also be useful, the handouts from a seminar on Spirituality in which some of Phil Rankins' work is written up: Microsoft PowerPoint - Listen to the Voice Spirituality.pdf

Existential Pop

eglasiasheartbeatpublicity shot.jpgHave you heard 'Heartbeat' by Enrique Eglesias? I caught it on Radio 2 on Tuesday morning. It's a Goldfrapp-esque piece of slightly etherial pop that's reasonably catchy if a little repetitive, but very easy on the ear. It's basically a love song duet with some sort of call and answer going on with endless repetition of 'I can feel your heartbeat'.

In the midst of that though the song is punctuated by a piece of existential angst echoing two of Gaugin's three existential questions, "We don't know where we're going, We don't know who we are?"

Even weirder was that Radio 2 played 'The Logical Song' soon after, in which the Supertramp lyrics issue the plea , "won't you please please tell me who I am?"

Filed under 'random and in danger of sounding slightly pretentious', but ......

1. You should probably buy the Enrique Eglasias track so the poor lad can afford a shirt!

2. I may well use The Logical Song tonight as part of a Mission Course as it seems to me a great story of someone schooled into Modernity but crying out for meaning, meaning that facts and logic are not providing.

A tendency to battologize about words


oed.jpgI like words! (But then regular reader(s) of the blog will already know that)

I mention it because it was a particularly good day for an avowed word spotter, with new words, amusing non use of prefixes and inadvertently inventing a word.

During a meeting this morning someone was keen, in their words, 'to reiterate.' This left me wondering whether an opening statement could be described as iterating. However looking it up I discovered that 'iterate' is already in itself to repeat something, so reiterating is merely further repetition. In the process though I did discover an old English word that would equate to severe reiteration, namely 'battologize'

The same meeting also produced the word 'Contagion' which was new to me. A further conversation about spirituality led to me using 'malbeing' as a description of the unexamined life, only to discover that 'malbeing' is not a word*

And to complete a fine day in the uncharted tributaries of lexicography, I read this quote over at My Small Boat which I rather liked:

"Couth, kempt and shevelled"
(Kitty Grime speaking of jazz musician and composer John Dankworth)

*it is now

Cheesily great advert for Summit


Mission (Im)possible session

mission possible.jpg

I was asked to lead a youth session last night entitled "Being a Missionary in your own land!" So I can find it again and in case it's useful I'll scribble the rough outline here.

The aim was to explore a bigger view of what mission (and hence purpose) might mean day to day in our lives ... and to arrive at a more 'owned' and articulated idea of what this is.

We started with some worship, a reminder that mission is rooted in and through the work of the Spirit, and in our own relationship/encounter with God. We then explored the idea that we have a mission (Youtube clip of 'Mission Impossible'), a calling and that this was bigger more all encompassing that just a narrow view of proclamation evangelism. (At this point we had a bit of a laugh at the Youtube clip of the evangelism Linebacker) The slide with the graifiti'd question was done via Atom Smasher.

mission question.jpg

I then encouraged everyone to grab a Bible and dig out stuff that informed our mission and purpose. Some really good stuff came out of that and we were able to look at whether we were reading stuff into the text or really looking at what it had to say, also the difference between God's general will (for all of us) and his specific will (related to our particular gifts/opportunities).

The teenagers then got into groups to work on a mandate for our mission impossible in our own land, place, town. We then had a session reporting back (a good chance to be cliche busting and to be asking, 'yes but what does that actually mean?') before everyone went and found some space to write a kind of mission statement that would answer the question, 'what is it you do as a christian?', finally a few of the teens read theirs out.


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serendipity realtionships.jpgHaving already delved into the arena of nostalgia in the last 7 days with my harking back to the 'Fat and Frantic' days I guess another nod to the past is inevitable. On Friday I was clearing out a cupboard at Church House ahead of some building work and came across a pile of 'Serendipity' resources. These little booklets (a leader edition and a 'student' work book) were perhaps my first real introduction to 'Group work' (then, I should add, as a group member not a facilitator) and were a staple of our meetings at the 'Homecoming' youth group. Whilst the covers are VERY dated I was pleasantly surprised to revisit the content and find it was pretty good. Although a little leading in some places it did allow for genuine listening and engagement and clearly was more formative in my practice than I'd realised.

This serendipitous find was even more apt as on Saturday one of my old Youth Leaders' was celebrating his 60th birthday and we were invited to a lunch, where in fact all the members of the youth work team that coped worked with me were gathered. Nostalgia eh? .... not what it used to be

On a final (I promise) retro-spot for the week, is there anyone else out there who was taken to the 'Earth Invaders' evangelism events back (way back) in the day?

Fat and Frantic


ff agres.jpgA while back Simo and I had a major blog-nostalg' for the mighty, wonderful, talented and often completely bonkers, 'Fat and Frantic!' For both of us our references to 'Trainspotter,' 'The Dirtville Werewolf' and other triumphs from their discography produced a massive FF wendy c.jpgamount of blog traffic ....... meaning it wasn't just us who missed their music and unforgettable live shows.

FF quirk.jpgAnyway, cruising around 7 Digital at the weekend to buy Glee, 'Someone to Love' and some Eliza Doolittle I was delighted to discover the ENTIRE F&F back catalogue is available, even stuff like "Live from the Wonky Donkey" and "The best of Wendy Craig"

So, if there's anyone else out there whose 80's was at least partly to the soundtrack of 'Born to be a Brownie' then I suggest you and your credit card go visit
(You may need to dig about a bit as a search initially only brings up 2 of the albums, but they are all there!)

'When I laugh
it shatters my day into bits
that I like
and can cope with more easily

When I laugh
my face comes to play and my blues
take a hike
and I see things more feasibly'

The great, sadly no more, goffle band: Fat n Frantic from the Album, Quirk

Woolhope Cockshoot Trustees


woolhope220build.jpgIt was the annual meeting of the trustees of (the residential centre) Woolhope Cockshoot last night and much was discussed. The great news being that bookings were significantly up for the first half of the year! We continue to refurbish, decorate and improve. Two of the three bathrooms are now done, the large dorm is newly decorated as is the entrance hall.
One more bathroom to do and we need to demolish the Bake House.

Two questions emerged last night though for users of the centre that would be great to have an answer to:

1. Which room do you use for meetings when you are the Cockshoot?
2. The end lounge: armchairs or bean bags after the green monster couches are retired?

(Also question for anyone: Anyone know a supplier of hard wearing, long lasting bean bags?)

Almost Christian

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AlmostChristian_1.jpgI've been looking forward to reading Almost Christian as I have been eager to engage with Kenda's analysis and commentary on the 'National Study of Youth and Religion' (the piece of research in the States that coined the phrase, and pointed to the faith of teenagers as, "Moral Therapeutic Deism." .... A piece of research that I believe has some resonance with the UK faith landscape.

A full review will follow but had to blog this from the opening chapter ....

"What if the blasé religiousity of most American teenagers is not the result of poor communication but the result of excellent communication of a watered down gospel so devoid of God's self-giving love in Jesus Christ, so immune to the sending love of the Holy Spirit that it might not be Christianity at all? What if the church models a way of life that asks, not passionate surrender but ho-hum assent? What if we are preaching moral affirmation, a feel better faith, and a hands-off God instead of the decisively involved, impossibly loving, radically sending God of Abraham and Mary, who desired us enough to enter creation in Jesus Christ and whose Spirit is active in the church and in the world today? If this is the case - if theological malpractice explains teenagers' half-hearted religious identities - then perhaps most young people practice Moralistic Therapeutic Deism not because they reject Christianity but because this is the only Christianity they know"

En-titled to go to the Summit

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I'm getting excited about the Youth Work Summit that is rapidly approaching, I had a 'doh!' moment today and realised despite publicising it widely I hadn't actually booked in. So I virtually trotted over to the booking page and set about making sure I would actually be allowed in and anywhere near the free coffee.

What was truly brilliant in this process though was the drop-down menu provided in order to select your title (in my case, a humble, 'Mr!'). The options though were extensive and it took quite an internal battle for me not to select 'His eminence the Cardinal' or 'Major General'

drop down list.jpg

I am really looking forward to seeing the sign in sheet on the day as I'd be staggered if there are not significant numbers of Cardinals, Kings and Flight Lieutenants. I also feel sorry for anyone on the day who genuinely is a Wing Commander and is constantly patted on the back and given Mirthful conspiratorial winks rather than any recognition.

(If had these outfits I would have had to have ticked Wing Commander)

Doctrine of Pedestrianisation


Dave Walker making me laugh hence my very Arminian choice to re-post the cartoon here.

pedestrianisation .jpg

More of Dave's theological and ecclesological whimsy here

Insurance renewal

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astra gren.jpgI had the insurance renewal through today for my beloved camping-gas powered Astra. As I am a 'business user' my insurance premium's tend to be higher but even so I was gob-smacked by the figure that Direct Line were quoting. I've been a customer for years and renewal tends to be automatic but thankfully I was off ill today and had time to digest the figures.

In total including breakdown cover, protected no claim and legal protection; 'Direct Line' wanted £950.25 (and I have over 9 years no claims). Worse still it was going to automatically be renewed by monthly direct debit which incurs an interest rate charge meaning the total payable would have been £1045.28

A quick web search and one phone call has got me the same package for £377, nearly £700 cheaper than Direct Line, which should be a help to keep me on the right side of my flirting with the overdraft.

ht to Go Compare web site, hello to One Call insurance

Discussion continued ...

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At the Vertigo event on Saturday night we broke into discussion groups after the talk and I was facilitating one of these. I had a very quiet bunch of teens and brokering discussion when you've not got the relationship or had time to build trust is never going to be easy. Having said that though it turned out to be a great time. We did a little bit of barrier breaking and worked through some questions, there were silences but I expected that and there were some great comments and great listening from everyone.

Got me to thinking about the methodologies that Brian, Jacob and myself had been playing with as well as some other recent links that I have found (or been pointed to):

discussover tea.jpg

1. Nine tips for asking questions at the 'Cathechists Journey' ht to Ben

2. In an article on 'appreciative enquiry' I was reading recently I came across the term "generative questions," these are questions that were focused on storytelling and the essence of the stories in order to explore feeling as well as fact.
I liked the idea of generative questions as I come across a lot of small group and Bible study that unintentionally limits itself to the intellectual.

3. A whole article (that I want to be able to find again) on the power of questions

thought questions.jpg

4. This site found via Chris called "Thought Questions!" It's a series of photographs onto which is added a question, the site believing as it states that "asking the right question is the answer" Again a useful site that I want to be able to find again.


The tribe grows


lexi.jpgWe appear to have acquired a dog! This is somewhat of a surprise but quite a pleasant one nevertheless.

Lexi is a one year old Collie-ish dog that a friend asked us if we would be prepare to take on as she was not finding it easy to look after a dog in addition to her children, plus was moving to a house with no garden. So it's a kind of fostering arrangement with a view to adoption.

So meet Lexi who we are now training and welcoming into the tribe called Macdonald.

Youthwork Summit


Stop press: Summit details available now. See you there

TV themes

Loving this site that brings together vast amounts of TV themes for you to share or download. Fab material for a quiz

dm small.jpg

Nostalgia anyone?

Marvin the Platinoid Android


desire phone pic.jpgMy inner nerd has exerted itself and talked me into upgrading to a smart phone, specifically an HTC Desire. The non geeky bit of me wasn't initially convinced about the whole 'smart' touch-screen thing for a phone but I have to admit now I think it is the wasps nipples*

I initially wanted an i-phone but not being a Mac owner and probably not being cool enough were definite barriers. A bit of research online though revealed that the HTC was gaining rave reviews .... and even tempting previous i-phone devotees to switch to Android world.

A phone call to Vodafone at around 6pm in the evening resulted in the HTC being on my desk the next morning (quite impressive I thought) and looking shinely cool in a 'one ring to rule them all' sort of a way!

Zapping all my contacts over from the Sony Ericsson was a piece of cake via my Google account, the phone then synch'd these with FB resulting in a picture of my friends alongside their phone number, nice touch! An impressive array on on-board apps were already available and I was further pleasantly surprised to log onto the App' store and find how many were available at no cost. NIV Bible and Google translator being the first two grabs.

The internet functionality is superb and although I am not overly enamoured with the 'touch' keyboard, the voice search works extremely well. There are a number of swipe keyboards available from the App' store that claim to be much faster and I'll probably buy one of these.

The only other downsides I can find is that when everything is fired up and it is trying to calculate the meaning of 'Life, the universe and Everything' it chews battery, and there are some concerns about Android data collection and security.

It does loads of other stuff that I won't bore you with but for those who know me, rest assured that I still have 'Ski Sunday' as my ring tone. As it is an android system it is perhaps inevitable that my phone will be referred to as as Marvin.

* ala the 'Bees Knees' but implying more impressiveness still


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