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slingshot still.jpg A while back myself and several others linked to this INSANE video of a human slingshot. As far as I can track down its something a guy built on his ranch in Utah for a bit if fun and 'entertaining' his guests. The video now appears on GodTube entitled Christian Youth Camp Slingshot!
As far as I can tell there are absolutely no facts to link it with a Christian youth camp, all pointers are to a ranch in Utah.
ALSO, I'm sure that no Youth Minister would be that reckless with young people in their care, and if it were a youth camp then there would be other teenagers standing round encouraging, whooping and shouting FOR SURE!

So I reckon someone saw it on YS Marko /Youthblog/ et al, lifted it without checking and just assumed. The dangers of the web (and Christians appropriating stuff regardless of the facts) ho hum!

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I'm sure Marko is just happy that he's not being labled an Eastern Mystic Heretic. :-)


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