In a sense, this is what we do


Made me laugh
Not sure I agree*, but I love it

ht to Tim

* Maybe if you are talking about working with churches


Yeah, it's with the context of church youth ministry in mind.

The CYWU describe organising youth workers as being like herding cats. Maybe you can identify with that :-)

Personally, I find the teenagers are fine. Its the ministering to parents (particularly the ministry of returning forms) that is the frustrating bit.

sweet! love it!

Hey Ian,
i watched that laughing, and at the end i thourt is was so true, wow its like yeah people see me as a cat herder, they think its so easy, people laugh n smile when i tell them my job. but when u say would u do it. there like no way couldnt do it. Great vid.
how ya doin anyhow? hows the work goin?
hear from you soon
PS ive now lost the beard


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