Christ and the art of Bicycle maintenance

mbike.jpgOn Thursday night I am at a church based youth group and running a session on how to fix bicycles, cool huh! Hopefully I’ll get to talk a bit about my faith too.
Great is the mystery of Christ, Great is the mystery of ‘V’ brakes!
Tonight I’m away on a residential retreat and planning meeting with my fellow Youth Advisers, tomorrow night I’m training on Discipline (anyone got any good material?). Do I have a varied life or what? (Oh and yesterday afternoon I escaped from the office and went to watch the Bond Movie, which I loved)
OK, I got a go and drive 105 miles (ug) but fell free to leave a comment with the best or most tennuous link between bicycles/cycling and faith eh?

2 Replies to “Christ and the art of Bicycle maintenance”

  1. Becoming a christian is like buying becuse:
    It invloves a decision?
    They both need maintenance?
    You can ignore both? leave your bike unloved and neglected in a garage as you can with your relationship with Jesus?
    Both invlove journey’s
    Hope these help

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